NTAG I2C Test Card -- Breakout pin header interface to NXP Explorer Kit


The NTAG I2C Test Card is very nice! Two questions:

  1. Which NTAG I2C Plus IC do you use?
    NT3H2111 - 1K Memory
    NT3H2211 - 2K Memory

  2. Do you offer a cable that connects your card’s Breakout pin header to Connected Tag Explorer Board (to get a USB) included with NXP NTAG I2C plus Connected Tag Explorer Kit?


Thanks =)

NT3H2211 with 2k memory, just like the xSIID

No, but you should have an easy time buying Male-Male jumper wires or honestly even 22AWG solid core wire and connecting it up if you want.

The mating board in that kit has a host microcontroller and a bunch of peripherals, which is why it has access to USB power. I don’t think the energy harvesting capabilities of one NTI2C+ chip is enough to power the LCD, at least not with the backlight. The intended use case is for the NDEF memory on the NTI2C+ to act as NFC editable storage for a host MCU to access over I2C. Basically for embedded applications where you want a user to have limited wireless access to configure the device.

What are you planning to do with it?

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Thanks for the information! My company makes BLE connected NFC readers.

I am supporting a Developer using the NT3H2211 with 2k memory for a NFC meter application. So your Test Card is handy, I sometimes need to see the I2C side, so I use the NXP Connected Tags Explorer Board with NXP’s Peek and Poke Windows Application.



Nice. Well I do contract development work and consultation if you want any direct assistance. Just DM and I’ll send you my company information. Otherwise feel free to ask any questions you have or share updates about the product here.

I received the NTAG I2C Test Card. None of my NFC Applications on Android or iOS can read the card and the Field Detection LED does not illuminate.

Is there a procedure I must follow to enable the NFC on the card?


Do you have access to any other readers
ACR122u or KBR1
An android ( What model is you iPhone? )
an access door reader?

It should be illuminating


I don’t have one myself, But I think @satur9 designed it, so he would probably be best to answer your questions…or others with the card, Off the top of my head @Devilclarke

That’s about all the help I can be sorry

The LED should light up without any config try a few different orientations and reader. Phones may or may not have enough oomh to light the LED (especially if there low power searching)

As for not showing up when scanned its possible you need to write the ndef header thing (technical term) bur let’s see if we can get the lights on first.


Thanks both for comments!

I use a Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 8, and iPhone XS. I have many USB/BLE readers, including the ACS ACR1255 shown in the photo. The NTAG I2C Test Card is not discovered and the LED does not illuminate, like the red card shown in the second photo.


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FYI, The “Uploading: IMG_7024.jpg…” between images

Is from hitting reply before it managed to load the image

We sending a replacement


Thank you. I received the replacement and all is good. I see not what happened.
– The first board (which was not functional) is the bottom card in the photo. You can see there is no NTAG I2C IC

– The replacement board (which is functional) is the top card in the photo. You can see the NTAG I2C IC.

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I also connected the board to NXP’s Peek and Poke Utility (to access the I2C side). Even with my messy wiring, the PC connwcts to the port.

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Very nice. I look forward to seeing what you make after you learn what you wanted. If you would like any help feel free to reach out