Number of implants poll



Is that number 25 for you @Vicarious ?

No, that’s number:

@Newbiejosh asked about it, so I linked the special project page and the conversion service page and the GIF.
It works great, this is how I pay most of the time. According to a bank employee, it doesn’t have an expiration date… It’s linked to the bank debit card and when that one expires and my bank sends me a new bank debit card, then I just have to log in to online banking and then I need to link it again by entering a certain token number.



the xLED LF is missing - its in the near of the vivokey flexone.

In my left leg is a xLED HF (under a tattoo) and in the left upper arm is the xBT

Just a little bump for the poll / survey for the newly implanted and new additions ( and the unfortunate removals )

Currently have x 13 implants, all from DT one way or another.
Got my first implant inserted in Linköping, Sweden, by a piercer, since then, I put all the rest (12 x) of my implants in myself, my option? a pierciner does it best, but maybe not in all of the user desired places?

I haven’t had a single implant gone “bad”, for me this is easy now.
I actually do not see any difference now between any body part or area to insert, I mean, I done my chin, my boobs, a bit “downstairs”, leg, forehead… etc.
I just feel that when it comes to glass-encapsulated implants, you can depend on DT.
Feel a bit bad, I still havent put in my first flex-implant, gonna need a piercer, will see.

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Your badging in to work must be a sight to behold.

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9 at the moment

11 when I’m done for the time being
Still planning to install my flex payment whenever I get it back , and a xled at the same time for good measure

Eloquently put lol

You do you, but can I ask what where and why?

Have you filled out/ updated the Poll in the top post?

Got some in my chin (left and right), got one in my left breast, one in my right, left and right hand, a Vivokey in my “karate”-place, 3 or 4 days ago I put one in my right leg.
Also got one in a “private” place, like I said.

Because I can I guess.
I hate the body I was born with, I hate nature, the more metal and mods I put in it, the more I put the finger against nature for “making” me the way I am, simple as that.

Its all glorious, from my perspective that is.

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I don’t like ot dislike mine. I just view it as a vessel for my persona. My only regret is that I was born too early, and that particular vessel will decay before I have time to jump ship and move into another substrate. Because, well, that’s not a thing yet :slight_smile:

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Always valid

I don’t think I hate myself… I dislike how I feel about my wrecked wrist joint and left hand, that it’s somehow “less than”

But as I get more and more into this, I think I’m dipping my toes into trans humanism, once I feel my left hand has been properly upgraded to be back to “equal to” I get the feeling of why stop there…
isnt the idea to push yourself to be better than what you were, why shouldn’t we do that to our bodies when it’s possible

Are they useful locations? Obviously anything below the belt is going to be a bit harder to scan without your knowledge, but I wonder if it’s obscure enough to be inconvenient

Then again per you’re motivations doesn’t matter, any tech is better than flesh and as long as your happy

Well, I use the different locations for different data.
In my most private locations I have a message, a lyrics, a song (link to) that I feel is important to my most important people in my life.
Most of my implants have more of a symbolic meaning to me, than a actual practical one.
I like to see it as a precursor of things to come.

I have actually thought about discussing with a solicitor about the possibility of people “enheritanting” my implants if I die, but havent got around to it, but should. Yeah, I’m a bit self-centered, I know… :roll_eyes:

For me it’s mostly symbolic with my current implants.
But hopefully that will change when I get my libNFC readers, then I will explore the different chips in my implants a bit more, it will hopefully be fun.

I thought it may be time for a little thread bump


Link to the poll at the top

Number of implants poll


I didn’t vote, but I am definitely an outlier… I have none.

At the moment I have no use case personally.

But equally I have no problem with others doing whatever they want to their own bodies.

Updates from 9 to 10, and definitely not 11
Because I can count

Yeah, sorry I didn’t accommodate nones. Give it some time though, if you hang around here you’ll end up with some

Hey everyone!
I am quite new to the world of body modifaction - just got my first implant (NExT) about a week ago.
When I stumbled across this post and especially the second question I was wondering: Which other reasons are there to remove an implant than it being broken?

I currently have 6 but I have had 4 removed. I removed some RFID ones to switch out with better ones as they became available, and I removed some that were magnets that went bad. There’s a variety of reasons. Basically if you don’t use it, you’re replacing it with something better, or it’s broken (which is rare)