Odd issue with lf xled

Hey everyone. Long time stalker, first time poster. Just got my items “installed” a week and a half ago. I had a xG3 v1 installed in my right ring finger tip, xem and hf xled installed into to R0, xnt and lf xled installed in L0. My installer accidentally mixed up the xleds before installing them (partially my fault for having 5 installed in one sitting). I’m probably going to get them flipped next week.

So I’ve been having fun getting everything setup. Cloned my assigned proxcard access card for my job into the xem. So much easier to use my hand instead of grabbing my wallet each time I have to walk through one of the 10 doors I have to go through daily. Lol. That being said, I’ve tried putting my left hand next up to the card reader we have to try to get the led to light up, but I can’t seem to find a spot that works. I’ve slowly passed my hand from left to right and top to bottom trying to get it to light up. I’ve tried having the xled vertically and horizontally while passing it over the reader but I just can’t manage to get it to light up. We have HID® Proximity ProxPoint® Plus 6005 readers in the building. I have been able to get the lf xled to light up using my Proxmark3 Easy, so I know the led works.

Has anyone else had success or failure with their lf xled and that model of reader? Or any suggestions for something I’m not doing?

The first thing I would try would be the lf xField detector xFD and present it to your reader in various orientations.

When you get the brightest illumination, I would suggest that orientation is what you would want to replicate with your xLED

it will likely be in a perpendicular presentation

A phone as an example but the same principle
The antenna is also likely around the perimeter


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I thought about that right after making the first post. I already put my field detector in my keychain. I originally tested it using the diagnostic card and didn’t think about the field tester since it’s the same type of build as the xled.

Thanks for the info, I’ve been toying around with the hf one using my cell phone. That’s been fun to show off with. Lol

You might also still need some healing… the light might not yet be visible, especially in a well lit office space. Blood that settles around the implant can take a long time to get broken down and absorbed by the body and it does a very good job of blocking light.

Thanks for the info guys. I figured it out today. Turns out the reader at work just does weak bursts when it reads. I turned off the lights in one of the back rooms with a reader to get a better look at it. That also helped with hand placement too. It’s not as bright as when I read it from my Proxmark3 Easy, but I finally got to see it in action.

Now I’m debating on whether or not I want to flip the LEDs. It’s kinda cool to be able to just one hand for testing hf and scanning lf and visa versa on the other hand.