Oh God that's a new one

That is what I learned today: you probably can’t destroy someone’s life by doing that, but you certainly can make it very complicated and very worrying.

Well, funny you should mention that: as it turns out, here in Finland, almost anything you do - be it interacting with the administration, going to the doctor, banking… is done over the internet, and the secure identification is handled by the banks for some reason. I shit you not: you request a drivers license on the government website for instance, it asks you which bank you have an account in, it redirects you to your bank’s identification page, and you have to open an app on your cellphone to enter a pin.

Well guess what? The damn secure identification banking app is only available on Google Play. No way to get the APK on Aptoide, Apkpure or - god forbid - from the bank’s own website. As a result, you simply have to have a Google account if you’re to function here. They’re the de-facto gatekeeper of the nation’s digital life. Fucking amazing that it bothers no-one here.

…sounds like VivoKey needs to try to nudge in on that sweet sweet identity action…

I would like nothing better.

When does the Apex come out again? :slight_smile:



Totally love you for that one!

ducks away again, not to derail yet another thread

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Yeah I totally concur. The day I saw that scene, Rutger Hauer shot all the way up my list of favorite actors forever.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: threads are there to be derailed :slight_smile: I’d rather talk about Roy Batty than about some random civil servant threatening my poor mom for no good reason, quite frankly.


Okay, I get that :wink: I just had nothing to contribute that hasn’t already been said - being very surprised that something like that actually can happen and wishing all the best to you and your mom.
And yes, that very special scene of Blade Runner might have made Rutger Hauer (a great actor in various other films as well) immortal, in a way - I can’t even say why exactly it touched me the way it did, but it was something in an intensity I rarely experience in movies.

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Anyone who isn’t touched by Hauer’s performance in that scene is a psychopath.