Vivokey's gotta do Finland

If you want to have a go at it, here are a few details to get you started.

So here in Finland, whatever you do online that requires identification (be it governmental e-services, entering your working hours at work, online purchases or whatever), you always end up on one single page for e-identification one way or the other, that proposes you to choose between several identification methods - most of them from banking institutions.

Here for example I’m logging onto the police’s website:

Here I’m logging onto the automotive taxation service’s website (same thing in Finnish):

Vivokey needs to have a clickable icon on that page. I don’t know how exactly, but it just gotta. I can’t stand my bank’s online app anymore, even with the NFC Tasker script I made to auto-enter my PIN. is registered and operated by the DVV (Digi- ja väestötietovirasto), aka Maistraatti aka the Digital and Population data service agency. That’s one single agency that operates that one single point of entry for almost all, if not all online services that require e-identification.

99% chances that’s the guys Vivokey wants to get in contact with to add themselves as a working identification option on that page, and instantly capture the entire Finnish market for implant-based identification.

Ya know, just sayin’… :slight_smile:


We have exactly the same setup in Norway, a single digital portal called MinId(“My ID”) that is used for authentication to banks, taxes etc. The portal currently hosts 4 different providers of approved ID methods, and I believe the VivoKey would be a good 5th option.

… So how does one do that?

In Norway, the portal is owned by the government, so the correct approach is probably to ask the agency what protocols/standards are required to add the VivoKey as a provider.

Maybe it’s similar in Finland?


It’s probably a variation of the same thing. Individual countries’ governments like to roll their own solutions and spend beaucoup bucks reinventing the wheel.

But the Finns are pragmatic and practical people. I doubt they made it anymore complicated than it really needs to be.

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Step 1 will be to get the Apex out. Step 2 we will explore these ideas :slight_smile: