One more "Which implant should I get and other dumb questions"

Thats great news, this mean we are pretty much safe from any interferences damaging the implants.

Dam … I didnt even knew those things existed …

On the injection/location side of things.
Is it OK to have 2 implant (xEM & xM1) on the same P0 location?
(wish there were a NExT version with the xM1 instead of the xNT …)
Can you inject the 2 implant back to back in the same injection or you have to place it next to it/at a later date?

Yes, and yes. You can get them both in the same location and at the same time.

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How do you maintain the 5mm spacing?

Have your installer place them 5mm apart :slight_smile:

Read from here down

and search the forum for “Corral”

Me too, and a few others

Maybe one day :arrow_heading_down:

Thanks for the link, really interesting read (still going through it).

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I think I’m gonna go with the NExT in L0 and the xM1 in R0 for now, it leaves me the option of adding an xEM in R0 if I have the need down the road.

Now the hardest part: get my wife on board :sweat_smile:

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Ok, after over 15h laying on the airgap capacitor i have no changes in the cloned cards data (T5577 and MK1) but the MK1 read went from 8 seconds to over 200 … not sure what that is about …
Next test will be on the end of the coil.

One more thought on implant selection:
Is there any advantages to the xEM over the NExT for the LF chip/antenna?
Also, is there anything the Ntag216 does that a DesfireEV2 cannot do?

If the answer are Yes and No respectively, im thinking it might be smarter to get xEM and xM1 on one side, freeing the other side for xDF2 (or an apex when it comes out)

Also thinking about the inner wrist for a small flex down the line … would a metal watch band bother anything there (having the implant bellow the band)?

Also, just confirming the NExT and xM1 cannot be side by side in the same P0 right?

Just weighing all my options/possibility before doing the big jump,

The usual recommendation is that there should be 5mm between implants.

Ideally you don’t have two HF or LF that close together to make it easier to select which one you really want to read.

this is where annoying standards come in :wink: the KBR1 will read any ISO14443A transponder UID, but not any HF (13.56MHz) tag… for example, the Spark 1 or xSLX are 13.56MHz HF but ISO15693 standard, which the KBR1 will not read.

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Ok, thanks for the details.

So the xDF2 is ISO14443A with “8kB multi-application memory space”, so can i emulate/clone any ISO14443A card to it?
ie: can i use the xDF2 instead of the xNT and the xSIID?

Also, does the xEM has a better read range than the NExT?

sorry no… the memory is “user memory”… but the UID (serial number) of the chip is read-only and not changeable.

no they are approximately the same performance.

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just to be clear … none of those products are able to have their UIDs changed… they are all read-only.

The only 13.56MHz ISO14443A chips that can change IDs are;


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Thank you so much for this, this makes so much more sense!
So except those 3 (“Magic” 1K), all other HF chip will have to be enrolled in the access system?

Yes. That is exactly what that means.

awesome, thanks

Now im wondering wither i should go for NExT on one side and xM1 on the other
Or xEM and xM1 on one side and xDF2 (or wait for the apex) on the other …

Unless you have a reason for a desfire chip I would wait for Apex. It is Flex only at the moment.

thanks for the input.
I do not have a use for the desfire atm, the only use i have is the T5577 and M1K …
The nfc would be to play with link and such … more and more leaning toward the xEM & xM1 duo, leaving the other hand for future use (Apex + xEM …) but the NExT is so tempting …

I dont see much implant on the inner wrist, any specific reasons for it?
any issue with wearing bracelets and watches with inner wrist implant?