SURVEY Multi-purpose xSeries implant!

IF you could choose ANOTHER multifunctional 2 in 1 xSeries implant similar to the NExT, What would it be?
Please take a couple of seconds to read and vote :white_check_mark: BUT only if you would actually consider purchasing.
The hope being, if there is enough interest, Dangerous Things may consider doing a production run. (OBVIOUSLY, only if it was technically possible)

  • xEM / xM1
  • xEM / xDF2
  • xEM / Vivokey Spark 2

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An xEM + xM1 implant would be perfect for my apartment building. The xEM for building access/elevators, then the xM1 for my front door.

The only concern I have is that the reader on my front door lock is pretty low power and I’m not sure if it would pick up the xM1. I’ve been waiting for the flexM1 for this reason, but I might be willing to risk it for a 2 in 1 lol

What are the chances we’ll see a flexEM + flexM1 or a flex series NExT in the future?


Wow. This is literally what I thought of last few days.
I was dreaming about xEM + xDF2 actually.
Since I’m a bit crazy on cybersec, it would fit all my needs: access ‘dumb’ legacy places with xEM and use xDF2 at my own doors and systems.

VivoKey Spark would also give enough level of security and I really love this project but DESfire looks more convenient for me at this time because it’s a well-known product that has protocol with lots of reader-side implementations and even some ready-to-use locks.

I wonder how large would capsule like that be. 3*14 mm? Size does matter :roll_eyes:

Getting my first implant, NExT, installed tomorrow…


I also quite like the idea of an xEM + xM1 combination.
Gives you a rewritable LF + HF option, both older, cheaper and less secure than other technologies, which has the benefit of there being a great number of them out in the world :earth_americas: increasing the use possibilities…
However the likely hood of a Flex EM is very low due to the size the antenna would have to be.
Check out this thread to explain why


Just a quick note that the Spark has no cryptographic features available to end users directly. The Oauth2 functionality can use the Spark, though, and you can use the standard ID function in it.

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Wow. I thought it even supports Java Applets.
Then DESfire is definitely my lovely one.

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No, the Java applet support is constrained, at present, to the Flex One beta device (which @amal has indicated is aiming at a Q1 or Q2 2020 launch out of beta in another thread). There’s a lot lined up for the Flex One and proper cryptographic access is high on the list. You can also write your own JavaCard applets for it.


If today I could buy DF2xEM, I would.
But I am now buying other implants, so even if this would come out, I probably wouldn’t buy it soon.

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Have you “cyborged” :robot: up yet :mechanical_arm:?

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17 hours is my ETA :no_mouth:

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Good luck!

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How did your install go?

It’s pretty good. 6 hours passed.
Read range is very bad now (I know how good it can be with such implants) but I think it’s because of swelling. I have very problematic skin so it will take few days for minimal healing process to complete. But I already managed to clone my intercom keyfob to the T5577 and it works!


Hey @amal, just out of curiosity:-
what is the MOQ for for you to consider having an implant made?
What sort of survey numbers would quantify a production run for you? ??% of MOQ?

From another thread I read, I guess it depends on the specific chip you are ordering.
Also I imagine you have to decide, what the margins you are looking at, how long you can afford to have them as stock, how popular you think they will be, what sort and how much support they will need plus all the other boring but necessary business stuff involved.

From the above thread you mentioned the T5577 being easy to source, and you now have a reliable supplier of the Mifare “Magic” chips, and presumably the Spark 2 and DF2 chips.
Obviously you would be cautious for the first run of anything with Quality assurance, popularity etc.

With the similarity of the NExT and just swapping out the NT chip for another chip. (I’m sure it’s not just THAT simple)

Theoretically, from Whoa to go, how long would it take the factory to turn out a MOQ batch?

Again, this is purely to satiate my curiosity so no need to answer any / all of my questions if you dont wan’t to.

except maybe these 3 questions! :wink:
Did you vote?
If so, for which one?
And why?

There are some complexities in chip supply and manufacturing that come into play when we deal with new product engineering and production that preclude me from being able to specify things like lead times.

I voted for the xM1 + T5577 because it would mean the entire chip would be re-programmable… a true “hacker’s chip”… but there are complexity issues here as mentioned above that would make this particular arrangement slightly more difficult to create… though I think I will explore it.


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@amal just checking in to see if there was any progress on the feasibility or production of the xEM + xM1
xEM1 :heart_decoration:
xRW :heart_decoration:
xHKR :heart_decoration:

Could always overvolt the reader?

no progress at this point… it’s kinda far down the to do list :confused:


Thanks for the reply, happy it is still on the cards.
I was just hoping to get it at the same time as Flex One…Unless you have a prototype ready for testing by then :wink:
I shall remain patiently waiting in anticipation.