Order is on the way!

First order is made today 11/20/20! I’m excited to receive it! To go with my implants I am also going to tattoo the DT round logo.


Man love the enthusiasm, but yall joined 25 minutes ago, Are you sure a tattoo of a company is the best impulsive decision to make?

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I have followed DT for about as long as it’s been in this site and waiting to place my order when in had the $ the products I like and want to use and other things all lined up. That time for me is now and with the trust I have in the company I am all to happy yo do it. Ifbim going Tom have them under my skin I don’t mind having them on my skin. :grin:


That’s fair enough, may I ask why you only decided now to get an account on the forum?

I lurked. Don’t post a lot anywhere. I starred making an account at one point but never did. I was in a very bad relationship for a couple decades, it was abusive in many ways, and was not allowed to do much. I am free of that on my own and not allowing myself to be controlled any longer. Leaving her in the past and being my own person and living how I decide.


What did you order?

Hi and welcome!
Sounds exciting. Be sure to post the results :+1:

NExT deluxe kit
XLED (white)
Elma patch

I will be getting the Prixmark 3, I had had on in my list of things to get for my field kit for pentesting but had not gotten it yet.


100% will do!!

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Can’t hurt but I seriously doubt you’ll need it for Only x series implants, though a lot will depend on where you implant it

My nEXT implant I was honestly worried for a second he didn’t inject it, really didn’t feel it

My xEM in a l4/5 location stung pretty good for a second, until he finally got the needle in
Had a lot more loose skin and the skin would rather stretch and be pierced

I was asking recently about it for a flex and even then the general consensus was probably not needed

You mention you just got “free”
Might I suggest you search yourself just to make sure you aren’t doing anything out of “rebound”?

Not saying don’t do it, just make sure you aren’t going to cringe later because you were caught up in the sudden freedom

I think we’ve all done something cringy after we suddenly got some freedom we didn’t previously have

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hello an welcome

first important thing is: get first the tattoo and then the implant.

I got the logo from “vivokey” and after it is healed I put the “Spark 2” under it. I have also RFID on my forearm - I will put the red xSIID under it ( I must wait, because we must redo the F, doesn’t look perfect.

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If there’s one thing I won’t tattoo, it’s a company logo - however much I like the company :slight_smile:

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I agree. I have been in therapy and single for over a year and not done anything with out thinking it through for for that reason. I have done a few impulse buys that I would not have actually done but ended up being a good thing. I have always wanted to program micro controllers, I bought a couple and now im building projects with them and selling them.
But yes I have thought it through. Pros and cons. And its something I have wanted to do since I first heard about it long ago.

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Do to a genetic condition I have anesthetics are metabolized in my body extremely fast. I had a tooth extracted and they filled my job with the numbing and before they could even get started it had already started wearing off so before you even got halfway done I was feeling all of it. I have chronic migraines and have gone to the ER and they will give me 1 mg morphine and that usually only lasts maybe 30 to 45 minutes. I am not expecting it to really least too king or even really work so I only bought one.

Right. I don’t want to tattoo over the implant. I would rather implant under a tattoo. Safer that way.

Congrats!! And Welcome!

Gonna save you the sermon, and the hint I had @JennyMcLane already brought up. :wink:

So… you mentioned micro controllers…?
Already got any plans? Or just the thrill for it for now? :slight_smile:

also, I totally get you there:

The fiddling of the needle to try and numb you ends up being more of an annoyance than worth the little numbed time we get out of it… :confused:

Actually yes, one of the reasons for finally getting my implants. I am going to be building first a door lock. I will also be linking it to an OS I am working on for my PinePhone, have to add NFC to it first, so that it will boot but will not decrypt and open with out it. Those are just the first couple that I have come up with so far.


I have literally just posted a reply about PinePhone here.

They are just about to launch a decent NFC case for it.

Currently I use a Sony FeLiCa reader with an adapter since ACR122U readers don’t work well with it due to the additional controller module the ACRs have that implements an USB-CCID interface, designed to communicate with PCs… that doesn’t play ball with Nfcpy.

I’m sure you’ll come out with many more use cases!
But those two sound like a great start to me! :wink:

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combining a 3d printer micro controllers and cybernetics I can rule the world!! HAHAHAHAHA.

ok well maybe not but i can have lots of fun!

I saw that they are working on a couple of cases for it. I got my community edition and have been playing around with it a lot.

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