Orientation of Apex Flex?

The title pretty much says it all. Is there an outward facing side of the Apex Flex that will give better results? Will one side or the other feel more natural outward or inward, or work better? I’m headed out for my install in less than a week. So, I’m trying to think of anything that might be useful. Feel free to add anything you think a newbie should know. I’m just trying to maximize my chance of success with optimal results.

The AF is likely going to be forearm underside. I think that would be ok for the AF for the NAK. I am also considering the (right) back of the hand near the knife edge. That, all in all feels more natural to me. Though, I type everyday for a living. So, I am a bit guarded as far as the potential for overuse of the typing hand and it causing potential healing trouble. Anyone have any experience with typing all day long during initial healing? The only reason I am even considering it is I feel as if the under arm may be awkward in use just a little.

I plan on discussing this with my piercer, but I’d like to have a better idea as I head into it. Any thoughts welcome.

I’m questioning the exact same situation. It was between placing it in R3 or outer forearm for using Tesla app. I too have a job that needs lots of daily typing. Ultimately I think I’m going with R3 anyway due to ease of use. I just think it will be a better spot for reader experimentation and placement. I already bought some wound healing supplements and bandages to keep it in place. Hopefully those keep it from moving around and to heal a bit quicker.

I’m a dev and type all day every day. I put mine with the Apex logo facing out on the hairline of my pinky on the left hand. It had no healing issues, I did it on Wednesday and it was fine at work the rest of the week. (Picture for location reference)


I have a FlexClass (same form factor as the Apex Flex) in R1 with the chip facing out. It’s been in for almost a year now and I don’t even notice it.



Does it matter if the chip is facing in or out? Do the antennas read the same in either orientation?

I don’t think it matters, I tested in the package and got no apparent real change.

No difference


Is there any recommendation on which way the chip should face? Or is it best to leave this to the installer?

in theory it should not matter which way is up


My installer went with chip out. He also used a scalpel for the install. It’s been in a little over 13 hours with minimal swelling so far. I have been able to scan it on my Tesla and I can say (at least to me) it works better inside vs. outside the body.

Just now. Some swelling present.


I don’t mind scalpel work… but only to make the incision. Using the blade to separate dermis from muscle tissue is asking for trouble. I don’t think even skilled surgeons do that… they use blunt instruments like dermal elevators for a reason.

In any case, it’s looking good. Keep us updated!


Yep. Incision only. Used elevators to make the pocket etc…



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I can get mine to read on the outside pillar fairly consistently. I did notice though that I can’t just walk up to the car and use it while it’s locked. I first have to attempt to open the door, then when it tells me to present the key card I’ll place my hand on the pillar, then it unlocks. I can also lock it right after as well.

I just assumed the reader in the pillar would always be on and not just activate after a door open attempt was made. Not a big deal, just an observation.

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Thanks and that sounds about like my experience. I edited my post just a tad. Whoopsie, that’s what I get for traveling and replying while charging. I think I might have caused some confusion. I had in mind Pilgrimsmaster post about the device working better when installed inside the body, when I wrote that. I concur it does.

Edited portion.

works better inside vs. outside the body.

I just assumed the reader in the pillar would always be on and not just activate after a door open attempt was made. Not a big deal, just an observation.

I would agree with this 100%. After two or three test reads the door opening is required on my MY. Otherwise, I look like an idiot at 10PM at night because that’s when I have time to test stuff like this. I stand there testing (pre install) and hoping the neighbor across the street doesn’t call the cops. I now have the spot mapped out in my mind and typically can get it within one or two tries. I think that I am swelling more and things will only get better in a week or two when it subsides, which is incidentally about the time to remove those stitches.


The reader power and duty cycle in the pillar or definitely lower and slower until activated by an attempted door opening. It is possible to get a read but just walking up, but it’s pretty difficult compared to when the reader and the pillar is in full active scanning mode.

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I wonder if it’s possible to wake up the circuit with the NFC on a phone then scanning the Apex.

A field detector flex example would be useful to help identify best orientation for scanning. I just got my other field detectors but they aren’t really analogous to the Apex form factor.

One with an LED would be nice. It might even be cool for the apex to have an LED and you can choose at install if that led goes down (no visible glow) or up (visible glow)