Our Eclectic Talents Collection

Been thinking about this. We’ve got a depth of experience across this forum that is something I’ve never experienced elsewhere. (Awesome, right?) It seems like every time someone has an off the wall question, another person will chime in, who just happens to have experience in that realm of expertise.

I thought it might be interesting to create a list of all the skills and knowledge available on the board. I’m gonna start with some of the super obvious stuff, and you all just add in your skills and knowledge bases.


  • You don’t have to be a perfect expert, just able to explain stuff about it.

  • Don’t list anything you aren’t willing to freely share with the class.

  • Do list anything weird or unusual, and be specific. I really want to see just what kind of resources we have at our fingertips here.

The obvious stuff:
RFID (duh, right?)
Mechanics (automotive and general)

The less obvious stuff:
C.N.C. Machining
Conventional Machining


I wouldn’t count it under CNC Machining or Conventional machining (both are subtractive manufacturing), so I’ll throw in 3D printing/additive manufacturing. I can do printer maintenance along with functional model design (using either Fusion 360 or Autodesk Inventor). I also have 3 printers at my disposal for personal use (both direct drive and bowden, can do flexible materials as well), and am always open to helping anyone who wants anything printed. I’ll print models at cost too, I’ve got multiple for a reason :smile:

EDIT: As suggested below, I’ll add my location. I’m in Indiana in the US (either Indy or West Lafayette depending on the week), and always down for any kind of local help in that department. I can ship prints too, no problems there.


May as well add to this list. I do digital and traditional art, for illustration and occasional game design. I also do parkour, although I haven’t gone out for the past couple months.

Oh, additionally, I speak Indonesian, if it counts as a skill. If anyone is interested in these skills, I’m up for helping out. ^^


I’ll jump in.
Would probably be nice to add where we’re from? (many people do 3d printing, but it would be nice to find someone both in Europe and the US for example)

I do electric unicycling, lockpicking and woodworking (cnc, bandsaw and lathe work)
Live nearby Oslo in Norway, and always happy to share/help.

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I’ll add to this, I’m a 4th year mech eng. student, so I’ve got decent skills in CAD and CAE.
I’m also reasonably well versed in MATLAB programming and Java.

I’ve been doing mechatronics as a hobby for many many years, as well as bookbinding, textiles, and woodworking.

I’ve also dabbled in VFX, as shown in my most recent install video

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I’m a skilled PCB (printed circuit board) designer


Bodymod-enthusiast, customer point-of-view :smile:
Surely not the only one here, but always happy to help :wink:

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I removed the no repeats rule, in hindsight; I really think it’s counterproductive.

Also, the geographic idea is brilliant. Kudos to @RazAquato.

I’ve got tons of half developed skills. A little programming, a little electronics.
My real talent is in building stuff, particularly oddball projects that cross the mechanical / electrical line.

Background in Machining, Mechanics, and Manufacturing.

I’m also what I refer to as a Repository of Useless Information. Things like, why is the sky blue, what is Barbie’s middle name, and what happens if you throw a hammer off of the ISS (hint, it strongly matters which way you throw it).

I’m in SW Arkansas, way out in the sticks. Hit me up for any help you think I can give!

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Because God loves the infantry!

Blood! Blood! Blood! Makes the green grass grow!


Rather inapplicable in this scenario but you never know when it might pop up:

Graphic / Web / New Media designer
Marketing Manager focused on digital marketing
Public Speaker and public speaking trainer.

Languages Spanish, English and intermediate German (and Catalan but that one seems even less likely to be needed).

Living in Sweden for the foreseeable future.


Actually, that exactly the point. Nice to know what skills we might have to pull on in a pinch.

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I’m only 18 so I’m not an expert at anything but I do have several hobbies that im decent at. I’m also bored right now so this is gonna be more detailed than necessary

Working on it

Game design and development

I’m currently a freshman majoring in Game design and development at RIT. I also work on this in free time.


I’ve taken so comp sci so I’m familiar with java
I’m working with c# in my game design with unity so I’m familiar with that as well.

Very basic knowledge


Very basic here. I’m familiar with basic concepts but nothing super useful. Like, I can solder together a basic arduino project but not much more…

Slightly above basic knowledge


I took auto class in highschool so with the proper tools I could change a wheel, change a tyre, balance a wheel, do an oil change, replace fuses, change air and oil filters, and coolant flush as well as some other basic stuff I’m forgetting.

I’ve also messed with the key switch with my conversion to rfid

Video editing

I have a youtube channel that I run as a hobby intermittently. I record and rfid everything myself so I’ve naturally gotten familiar with the subject.


Work with it all the time with my grandpa


Computer building

It’s pretty simple if you know what your doing. I’ve built my own and helped with my roommates. The only thing I’m not great at is picking parts.

General disassembly and figuring out how stuff works

Self explanatory, it’s just something I seem to be good at


pfft… when I was 18 that was not something I would have said :stuck_out_tongue: so you are ahead of the game on that one.


oh right, here ill fix that: Im absolutely an expert at procrastination, getting distracted, and wasting time doing anything other than being productive. to the point that im pretty sure i failed a class this semester

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but you’ll check your grades… tomorrow…


they wont be set out till the 11th so… i wont be checking them till the 15th probably

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Double Joke
:rofl: :rofl:


but its also accurate lol