Paxton HT2 Tokens, Copy - Clone - Duplicate SOLVED

I think, by Keysy, he means VivoKey

Seems like he just came here to sell his Cloner (which I’m guessing just reconfigures the hitag2 into a Paxton card, it might be as simple as a password bring different idk)

Edit: he made it here, I’d say, by looking up Paxton hitag2, we’re on the first page of Google for that search, then shilling his cloner

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I think they came to sell also. It is listed for £395.00. Also, the information on the ebay page is pretty much a long winded version of what he said at the top. Not much for technical details there.

Okay okay okay, I give in.
Some of you people need to find some other outlet for your venomn rather than patrolling this forum looking for posts to brand as scammers.
Sad people with nothing but contempt.
Please do not post any more on this subject while I am trying to find out how to close or delete it.

Give in to what? That we are correct?

Prove us wrong then!!! Post something, anything of substance!!! You act like WE are the scammers when you come here with an expensive device?

I see no sad people. I see a sad Glenn.

@Pilgrimsmaster can you delete this please? His words, not mine.

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I disagree. Dirty deletes are not cool. We made our point. Prove your intentions or bugger off.

Yes, the forum regulars are all “patrolling” this forum… As we kind of do. This is our community, not yours.

If you were serious, you’d write a paper on it, like those who initially reverse-engineered Hitag2 (whose work I’m sure you used).


Well I like to see im not just synical. :sweat_smile: they had us in the first half :wink:


I’m currently doing a lot of academic research that involves Paxton overall and in particular their Net2 bullet tokens. I am very familiar with the NXP Hitag datasheets as I have read them several times when doing my research.

If you could describe in as much technical detail as possible how you were able to achieve what you have claimed then I can reference your work for my research paper.

I have a lot of knowledge of Paxton, the Hitag family and have briefly tried this myself to no avail.

The proxmark3 does have compatibility for RTF and TTF so given your reply, it would be nice (with permission) to implement your solution to the PM3 repo.


If you had spent more than a few minutes on this forum before posting your “solution” you would have seen that this is a community willing to help each other. It is filled with extremely knowledgeable people and people ( like me) who are still learning, you can be sure that if you come on here with with a sales pitch you have painted a target on your own back.

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So, who wants to buy one to sniff its communication using a proxmark? Anyone got access to genuine paxton fobs?

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I thought about it but after seeing that the price is more than an RDV4 there is no way I could justify it. I would just get another RDV4 and probably be better off doing so.

I think @Backpackingvet meant you should be boasting about the Vivokey products and the work you have done with it.

When I watched the YouTube video, it reminded me of Keysy, which is also a Keyfob copy - clone - duplicator for $45

More than a one trick pony


Keysy supports 125kHz RFID keycards/keyfobs.

Supported Models

  • HID Prox (Proxcard, ISOProx, ProxKey)
    (Emulation not supported on multiClass readers, can still clone to rewritable)
  • HID Indala (Motorola Indala)
  • EM400x, EM410x, EM420x
  • Noralsy (KCP3000)
  • Farpointe Pyramid
  • Keri (KC-10X, MT-10X, PKT-10X)
  • Kantech ioProx
  • DoorKing (DKProx) [Not DKProx Long Range]
  • AWID (Low frequency only – CS-AWID, GR-AWID, KT-AWID, PW-AWID)
    (Emulation not supported, can still clone to rewritable)
  • Radio Key (SecuraKey RKKT-01, RKKT-02)
  • Viking
  • Visa2000
  • Schlage IBF iButton (RFID portion only)
  • T55x7 compatible keycard/keyfob


Now I just sit back and wait for my comissions to roll in.

tenor (59)

I mean… here’s a bit of info… so yeah the hitag2 can be set in “reader talk first” mode. This is critical to understand because most LF chips talk first… meaning as soon as they have power they are blabbing their ID out… but some chips are or can be put into a configuration where the reader has to actively ask “anyone out there” and then the chip(s) respond. If the reader doesn’t know how to do this, then chips will simply not talk and the reader sees the power drain on the field but isn’t hearing any chips… usually results in simply ignoring the chips or producing an error code.

The question is - can the proxmark3 properly put a HITAG into this mode? Technically it’s capable but does the firmware support it yet? Dunno.

I guess it’s down to writing firmware support.

I really only skimmed his comments. This is all doable, the biggest part would be breaking the keys. I know this to be pretty simple on Hitag2, but I’m not really trying to attract the ire of NXP these days.

Found this helpful guide on copying paxton fobs How to copy, read and write Paxton fobs and cards with an RFIDler · GitHub


May the British king bless your existence good person!

Can a Paxton Net 2 card that does not have magstripe be cloned onto the Magic Ring or and Implant?

depending on whether or not your paxton net2 installation has em410x configurations enabled as acceptable chipsets you can downgrade and write to T5577 which are present in the magic ring, xem NExT and more.

if you use the bullet fobs with this system or use the bullet fob compatible hardware, x-series implants can be used with 0 fuss

Hi, here is a pic of The paxton system our office has. i wave a white card and the green LED flashes and door open. How can i know clone this card to the magic ring. My android phone and tag info does not read anything from the card. Can i use the promark3 tool to clone the card to the ring?


Could you have a look at my post please and the images i sent and tell me if you can clone the card to the magic ring. Sorry i dont know much about paxton. I am happy to pay if you can do this

shoot me a DM i’ll talk you through figuring that out since a picture of the reader (while paxton) and just a white card doesn’t really tell enough.