Payment conversion

Are there any Canadian banks that work with payment conversion?

Honestly not sure if this is the right forum but I’ll try anyway

I’m new to bio hacking and I’m curious if anyone has done payment conversion in canada, I’m currently with rbc but I don’t believe they will work. Anyone done it in canada and had it work?

You came to the right place
As far as i’m aware, there aren’t any already identified Canadian bank cards suitable for conversion.

what you are generally looking for, is banks that offer Key fobs, Watch bands or phone stickers erc. for tap and pay.

So if you can do some research around those, somebody here may be able to help you with the next step.

There is an alternative, but im not quite 100% sure where its at in the development stage and how far off it is from production.

Just adding this for your reference if you are also looking for an installer