Payment implant options in UK?

i was about to buy a walletmor implant but it appears this is a non starter so i’m wondering what you guys are doing for payment implants?

what appealed to me about the walletmor implant was that it was not that bulky. some of the conversions i’ve seen are pretty inflexible and cumbersome looking and i don’t really want that mainly because i’d likely damage it. i liked that hte walletmor one was flexible and quite small.

Also the walletmor implant appears to have been blocked in the uk by the finiance provider, rather than the implant failing. i don’t really understand this but i’d want an implant which can i guess be paired with alternative finance providers in case the original one pulls out at some point.

how are you guy’s paying for stuff with your hand. show me some jedi hand waving payment methods…

The major payment processors (Mastercard Visa etc) are very large businesses and as such are very risk averse and will resist doing anything that could conceivably come back as bad PR. They are scared of headlines of “Visa want to microchip people” that would harm their brand even if the actual facts of the story have been “cherry picked”. They are not being forced to allow payment implants so they are not doing it.

Hopefully they get a bit more relaxed about this in the future

i can understand the bad PR, but i’m not getting VISA tattooed on my hand above the implant lol. so yeah i can understand that but i don’t get why icard pulled out of the UK and only the UK, that’s odd frankly.

im keen to get this done but i can’t really see many options on how to do it in a way which protects me against the finance provider randomly blocking payments.

@Chris700 have you seen this thread?
SwatchPAY upgrade


No hadn’t seen that one I’d searched payment and walletmor but lots of good info on that threat so thanks