Payment insert sizes - who has one?

with the walletmor insert not working in the uk i’m looking at these two options:

muchbetter keyfob MuchBetter contactless payment
k-pay bracelet Mavericks Contactless Payment Straptag Charcoal – K-pay UK

does anyone have one of these already encapsulated? how big is it once it’s been converted to an insert?

i’m asking because i have small hands and i’m worried that possibly both of them will be a bit too large and obvious once encapsulated

That depends how big Amal decides to convert it
The older ones were

  • 7mm x 32mm x 0.5mm flexible biopolymer package
  • 8mm x 38mm x 0.4mm flexible biopolymer package

The newer ones

  • 7.5mm x 28mm x 0.5mm flexible biopolymer package

But you really need to have Amal confirm before you commit

I didn’t think any of those actually worked as a payment device?

I was assuming I needed to get the inside workings from a key fob made into an implant?

Correct, But I was giving you a visual indication of what size you should expect, and why I didn’t give you product links, Just images

Let me try again:
here are your likely sizes

  • 7mm x 32mm x 0.5mm
  • 8mm x 38mm x 0.4mm
  • 7.5mm x 28mm x 0.5mm

I had an older one converted
This is what my one looked like

I think Amal tends to use the PCBs now, as is used on the Walletmor

Here’s my write up so you get an idea of the process

Here are some 3D print space models if you want to print them out and see how / where you can fit one on your hand

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Ah ok. I’ve applied for the MuchBetter card and fob so will see what the internals of that look like when opened up. I suspect it’ll be bigger than the images you put up tbh as they’ll maybe not have gone to the expense of miniaturising it

Just to be clear… you are getting a keychain which is larger than the implant. this is to comply with EMV performance requirements for wearables. we extract the chip from this keychain and put it onto a new smaller antenna carrier PCB. then we encapsulation that with biopolymer to make it safe for implantation. performance is reduced of course, but i don’t think anyone would be willing to implant a full size keychain to retain performance.


Oh I didn’t realise you did that tbh. Do you have an indication of final size or photo of a finished product?

Does it end up like the PCB pilgrimsmaster put up? Very similar to the walletmor implant?

I’ve seen a few YouTube videos where people has sealed and inserted the actual key fob size wearable and it looked very cumbersome which is why I asked the question

Most all conversions end up looking exactly like the walletmor implant. The size is 8mm wide by 28mm long.

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awesome Amal. thanks very much i’ll get the key fob over to you the second i receive it.

thanks for all your help

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