PayPal hates innovation

We no longer accept paypal

PayPal was started with the idea that banks sucked, the old ways sucked, and innovation was the way forward. Ironically PayPal now hates innovation in all forms and has pulled or frozen accounts for all biohacking companies.


PayPal has stolen from us


When PayPal froze our account, they indicated they would hold any funds in the account balance for 180 days “to cover any possible chargebacks”. Well, with a few weeks left to go on that deadline, we suddenly discovered our frozen PayPal balance was transferred to “PayPal Inc.” for “damages related to AUP violations”. We’ve stepped straight into a nightmare so many others have stepped into… with PayPal outright stealing money from so many of their ex-customers, there is a class action lawsuit being built against them… and we intend to join it.


Haha, I was just checking out some of the changes on the DT Website, and saw this…
It made me laugh

Any progress on this Amal?


Not really… ugh