The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

It has indeed, I was thinking that when I saw your name…WELCOME BACK
and dont worry, AppleCad™ is still a thing…

Glad you are well and sorry I can’t help you with the RiseUp



i can do. pm

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Thanks so much fellow cyborg!

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Lol, was just trying to keep Google or whatever crawlers from indexing this as a place to ask for stuff, lest we be swarmed by many people asking.

I wonder if @RealVioletWitch is okay. Haven’t seen her in more than a year. I try not to keep tabs on people, but she is a serial implanter and was a pretty active member of the community. @JennyMcLane @Vicarious do you know?


Oh it’s escalated since then… we are looking to join a class action lawsuit against PayPal for stealing $6000ish from our frozen account for “damages related to AUP violations”. Motheruckers held our cash for almost the full 180 waiting period and just before the deadline they stole it.

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They kinda missed the important bit

We haven’t seen that for a while


Welcome back @Rosco


I will temporarily come back here to tell you that this isn’t new: Paypal froze my account with $300 in it and never returned the money back in 2001. This was pre-eBay, they weren’t FDIC-insured (not sure if they are now).


I’m only popping in and out :slight_smile:


Aww I’m sad I missed the dead hooker chat.
But I’ll beat a dead horse and jump in anyways. If I thought @Zwack and @Pilgrimsmaster had a trunk load of dead hookers and needed a place to dump them, I’d be offended to. Do you two have a trunk load of dead hookers to dump…?
If not, I guess that was a joke.

Not everyone finds everyone’s humour funny.

My favourite joke is this

2 cows standing in a field, one says hey, are you worried about mad cow disease? The other says “what do I care? I’m a helicopter!”

Did you snicker or blow air out your nose?
If so does that make you anti-mental wellness? Or anti trans as the cow may be now identifying as a helicopter?
Probably not.

This group of people here are some of the friendliest and most accepting people I have come across- and I started out pretty rough.

I 100% agree that @ithritin should have not been brushed off, you have a voice here. If you don’t like the conversation - speak up as you did, let us all try to see things from your side, but please consider doing the same - they were not being hostile.

Much love and support. For everyone.




@LordSethos2000 … if you have to say anything about beating dead horses in your post related to a sensitive topic already hashed out, prob best not to post… let it die


Just to be clear here, there’s nothing you can do to ever change a person’s mind about how they feel about certain topics. These same discussions were had, I’m sure, surrounding n-word jokes and other things we all today would consider in bad taste if not downright offensive… The scope of what you consider to be a joke just does not match up with the other persons. No amount of discussion is going to result in that changing, so just respect when someone speaks up and move on.


Not one bit!
I was actually angered that your stress wasn’t answered for. There was no solid resolution and that sucks.
I’m not defending anyone’s comments, but I damn sure will defend people’s ability to speak to the death of me.

So, thank you for voicing your disgust. It hurts to know that two members who are actually quite awesome are disliked, but that’s how it goes.

Let’s not give people any ideas about n-word jokes, given people’s history I’m sure there’s quite a few who would jump at the chance to voice their opinion about that snowflake-covered issue :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

If we’re on the topic of jokes and defending people’s “right” to speak them, I had a joke about a bonfire that had me rolling, but I seem to recall there was a difference consensus about that one.


It was unnecessary to bring back the subject, after they already expressed being upset about it.