Phakic Intraocular Lenses

I’m in need of another round of contact lenses and it usually costs ~$250 for a 6 month supply (which I can stretch out a bit) because I live in an ass backwards country where vision isn’t a universal right.

I’m tired of it and I think it’s time for a new implant. Has anyone here had Phakic IOLs installed that can tell me about their experience with the surgery and the healing process? My correction is pretty high (-7.0 diopters) so I think it’s justified.


Can you get them silvered? :cool:

I am afraid I know nothing about them.

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Apologies, again not an answer to your question, but are you viable for Lasik?

I know a few people who have had it and are super happy with it. (No looking back, so to speak.)
2 of them both eyes, one with only one eye :eye:

The ONLY downside they have mentioned is, at night they get “lens flare” when driving for example. Not so much as it would ever be a safety issue, but “just like looking through a dirty windscreen / windshield”

Anyway, food for thought if you hadn’t considered it…

Oh I definitely considered lasik. The nature of the procedure is very different though and I would much prefer a fabricated lense be implanted than have my cornea ablated.

While Lasik is cheaper, it only works for people up to a certain level of myopia because you can only remove so much tissue, and I’m right on the edge of that. Phakic IOLs have a very small chance of some serious complications like cataracts. lasik has an uncomfortably high chance of low level complications like long term irritation, dry eye, and visual artifacts like you mentioned. There’s also a much higher barrier to entry for IOL implant surgeons than lasik operators. Honestly your corner glasses shop can offer lasik where I live with very little oversight. Implanting the lenses requires a very skilled doctor though.

I also really like the idea of being able to physically see the lenses in my eyes. I’m not willing to spare any expense for my body mods.


Is that not normal? Guess it wouldn’t change anything for me regardless.

ditto. Not only do they look cool but they could be a massive QoL improvement.

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I’ve been kicking around the idea of IOL’s to treat my presbyopia, (God damn old age). Everything I find though has some form of drawback.

Fixed focal distance. Or two different fixed distances. Or a lense with multiple values, that produces nasty night haloes. Google really isn’t much help.

Long story short, I need glasses anyways, so I’m gonna corner the Optometrist and grill him a bit and see if he can shed any light on the subject.

So I had my first appointment with my refractive surgeon today, which went really well. I decided to take his recommendation and get bladeless LASIK for $3900 all inclusive. Here’s what I learned:

Phakic IOLs:

  • The Visian ICL which is implanted behind the iris is the only one actively in use in the US. It is not visible externally and has a 5% risk of causing cataracts within 8 years
  • The iris-claw design is older and no longer in use in the US, but is heavily used in India. It is implanted in front of the iris. It requires a large incision with possible stitches, and has a chance to cause damage that requires a cornea transplant
  • The angle supported lenses are not FDA approved. While initial findings look promising, there is evidence they can cause sclera damage in many patients
  • If the eye volume is too small the lense cannot be installed
  • non-phakic lense replacements are really only used in older people with presbyopia

Bladeless LASIK:

  • Distinct from the older PRK treatment in that a flap is excised with a laser to reveal the cornea, which allows you to heal rapidly and be able to see clearly enough to drive within ~16 hours
  • PRK leaves your cornea exposed and takes longer to heal
  • -6 to +3 diopters is no problem for lasik
  • -7 to -12 it’s possible, but there’s only so much cornea to ablate
  • If the cornea is too thin then switch to IOL
  • LASIK is lower risk and cost. Should be used in most cases
  • Actual surgery takes about 15 minutes
  • You’ll need someone to drive you home. Close your eyes for 3 hours
  • Post operative steroid eyedrops to prevent infection are not included with the cost. Could be $5-$70 depending on insurance.

I actually just started looking into getting laser this week. Cant commit to it yet but I think I’ll get it next year maybe.

Comes to about 2800 euro here for it, little less if you have insurance, and you can also get 20% tax relief as well. Friend who got it can get me a referral that drops that down another 200 quid.

All in all, it’ll come down to about 2 grand for both eyes which I think is very cheap. Every person I know who had laser done say its the best money they’ve ever spent. It’s never bothered me to wear glasses though so I never considered it when I was younger. My prescription hasn’t changed in almost two decades so I’m hoping I’ll get no deterioration like I know the odd person has had, though they got it done quite young.

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Oh I always thought my vision (-6.5) was too bad to have Lasik fix it. Thank you for doing the research.
I’m actually going to look into getting lasik now.

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Eyeglasses wise I’m -8 and -7 and my doctor said it would not be an issue. He is very skilled though and I’m paying slightly above the market rate as a result. Your call. I’ll keep posting here as I go through the process.


I’m also assuming the procedure is better understood now than it was last time I asked 14ish years ago.

My cousin had a very heavy prescription lenses, the things were huge, and they recommended he go through with it anyway. They told him he would be without them but they could reduce them significantly.

@Satur9 You get anywhere with this? If so, how’s it going?

-.- no.

I had the surgery scheduled, but a week before that I got Bell’s palsy and they pushed it off a month because if you literally can’t close your eye you can’t heal up correctly. I’m coming up on that rescheduled surgery date with no improvement to my facial paralysis, and the neurologist said if it hasn’t cleared up in a month then you’re looking at 6-9 months.

So yeah, things are going great.


I had an appointment with an eye surgeon today. Got quoted 4105.00 per eye. Insurance covers nothing on it, because glasses will still fix my problem, and I don’t have cataracts yet.

Will be checking out the payment plan to see if I can swing it.

Also, planning to have the new lenses set to a slight bias towards nearsightedness. You can’t have perfect both ways, and I’d rather be a touch nearsighted, as long as I can still drive without glasses.

That describes my eyesight. And I’m pretty happy with it but I was wondering if it was possible to get it perfect both ways…

I guess that we’ll just have to wait for DT to start selling vision augmentations. :wink:

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Bell’s Palsy is finally mostly gone.

I got LASIK in both eyes yesterday and I’m now 20/20. Procedure went great. First hour of recovery was very fuckin painful, but after that everything was fine. Very happy with the results. You can’t even tell unless you look under a microscope.


Was it 4 point or 7 point or 12 point lasik?


No idea. My left eye was at -7 diopters so it was pretty severe. Not sure the nature of the machine


I’m glad to hear that you’re recovering well and that the Bell’s Palsy is mostly gone. I hope that you will recover completely and that everything goes smoothly on your end.

I never imagined that LASIK could be painful but I’m glad that your surgery went well.

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