Plasma speaker vs. implant

So I may be en route to shooting myself in the foot with a purchase that’s going to arrive in 2-3 weeks time.

I have been amazed and wanting a decent plasma speaker for literally an age now. And just the other day I stumbled across one which appears to be making waves. That is to say that it is fairly priced, does the job well, is enthralling to watch, and suggests longevity having read many review(s). Yes, I take the reviews with a bucket of salt knowing the nature of this particular market platform. But I think you can appreciate why I was so keen.

The link for the item I have ordered is here:

Having spent my hard earned cash as quick as a knee jerk I’m now concerned that I’ve got an implant killer in the post!

So I’d like to open the floor to you guys. What are your thoughts? Have I made an error and essentially bought someone else an early Christmas present? Is there regulation in the respective chip implant(s) to deal with this degree of electromagnetic interference?

For reference, I have an NExT and an ‘X3 Elite’ (yes, I did the dirty and went with DT and I Am Robot. You can heckle me if you want to! :wink:).

It won’t be a problem. As mentioned elsewhere, you are a giant bag of salty water. You could get struck by lightening and your implants would be fine. That’s because glass is an excellent insulator, but the salty water it’s surrounded by… no so much.

Thank you for your response, Amal.
I’m happy with the electrical pathway side of things. It was the considerable electromagnetic pulses inducing current in the antenna that concerned me.

Unless they are resonating at exactly 13.56mhz I would not be concerned about it. Check the emp pulse we hit an xNT with on our Tests we've performed on our x-series tags - FAQs - Dangerous Things Forum page.

Looks good to me. Thank you for alleviating my fears, Amal. :blush::+1:t2:


If you’re able to fry an LED field detector keychain with the device, I’ll pay out a bounty for it =)

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Speaking of dead field detectors, my LF detector keychain seems to be broken, registers fine on the RDC, but can’t get the led in the key chain to illuminate. Are they xLEDs that failed to pass QC? What could make them fail? It’s brand new as of a week ago, and I don’t own any wireless chargers

Any inductive cooktops? Did it ever light up that you remember? The field detectors are much lower quality than the implants, you might even be able to break them by smacking them around

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Challenge accepted!

Nope the LF keychain never lit up, the HF lights up just fine and I’ve stored them in the same place. No induction cooktops. The only thing I can think would come close to frying it would be my phones wireless powershare feature, but I have to very specifically turn that on and I have not turned it on since getting my implants so I’m at a loss. Worst comes to worst I’ll just order a new one… the HF one has been very handy in figuring out that sweet spot with the NExT

There’s a multi technology reader from Schlage at one of the building I access regularly. With the RCD both HF and LF light up at the same time, can get the HF led to work can’t get the LF to work. I think it may just be a dud or I’m missing something. I have an xac at home I can do some more testing with, but as far as I can tell even with access control systems hooked up to ac power(there’s a couple of battery operated locks I couldn’t even get the RDC to work with) I cant get the low frequency to light up for the life of me.

The xACv2 is quite a powerful reader so if it can’t make it light up with it, you might have a dead keychain.