Please, Amal, sir, I want some more

I’ve already got a red xSIID that I’ve had since September of 2020, which I have been nothing but happy with, but I’m definitely ready for more lights in my body. the xLEDs are currently out of stock in the store, and the only other blinkies available are the xSIIDs on the store. Any chance for differently colored xLEDs or other new tech to be available soon on the DT store? I know the latest DT Club update vid mentioned new products soon, so I’d just like to say I hope that’s what we’ll be hearing about soon! :rotating_light:


Amal what do you think about uhf chip with led?

@4nti right now

200w (1)

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Really really unlikely. UHF uses electric field backscatter instead of induction. This is how it gets the amazing range it’s known for… but also it means very very little available energy. An LED would be very difficult to light without some kind of special power harvesting, sorting, and load triggering.

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