Polling how your DT implant was installed

as the title says. im curious to know how many of u guys do implants yourselves or get them done professionally

  • I self installed my DT implant/s
  • I’ve had my DT implant/s installed by a professional
  • I don’t have any implants as of now

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Planning to implant yourself immediately after you are made to remove your existing implant?


I think 99% implant themselves or get them done professionally. I am currently in the 1%.


I think that you forgot the poll… And from my understanding, self installs are not very common.

Of the people in this forum, I think that you’re part of an even smaller minority…


I had professionals do both of mine. One is on the list of trusted installers, the other a general practice doctor with 20+ years of experience with knives and aseptic procedures. I also try to be risk-averse as much as possible, especially when sticking bits of technology inside me.

Self installs for anything, including piercings and tattoos, are dangerous unless you know what you’re doing very well. I’m not sure I will ever self-install anything, the risks are too high. I’d much prefer to be in the hands of someone much better experienced.

To be clear, we never condone someone implanting themselves, ESPECIALLY when they are a minor without parent/guardian consent.


This is a few steps beyond that for me,
Self installs are becoming recommended against, I support this…. Because people are dumb, and dumb people can’t accept the consequences of their actions usually… which would end up hurting DT

Also It’s one thing if a parent either doesn’t say yes, or says no

But in this case, parents are either forcing or has forced @cjjoneill02 to have their implant removed,

To immediately self install another one right afterwards… while amusing because I fully support bodily autonomy…

Is a bad play for several reasons


im not intending to install one afterwards. i self installed mine and its still in place. doctor didnt want to remove it and did say it would cause more damage removing it but i will see what the hand specialist he has referred me to says


I had missed that. Indeed. Bad play for many reasons.

I often find myself going back to this post: Questions about installation for a x series implant for a teen

I get the older-teenager-independence thing, hell I’m still a teenager who thinks that freaking out the 'rents with bits of tech stuck in me is good fun. I knew a lot of people in high school who pierced their ears with a sewing needle or did stick-and-poke tattoos with their friends. I don’t think I know anyone who got nasty infections from these, but I can only imagine the fallout for some of them when their family found out.

I agree, but with an amendment: I fully support informed body autonomy (as a good practice, not from a legal sense. Legally, full body autonomy all the way)


what that dont have any?


im not planning to implant. i already did a self implant which was more than successful

Yup. I do like answering either or questions yes or no though. :laughing:



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I self installed but does it count as professional since I used to be a piercer? Lol


Did you pay yourself? :thinking:


Technically :joy:

Clearly, while I answered “No” (before the poll was added) you should answer “Yes”.

I can smell victory on the horizon!

me too but going to hand specialist on friday

your parents seem to have some kind of an obsession or something… they should consider seeing a therapist…


I’ve “self” installed all of mine currently.
I’m an idiot and super about diy.
I would recommend an installer if it is an option. Makes it easier cleaner and less painful.
I only did installs at home because I understand medically cleaning a surface after working at Boston scientific making pacemaker batteries.