Portable proxmark3 easy

Hello, I’ve got an idea for a project but want to know if its possible and what I’m gonna need to make it work if it is possible. I saw a post, maybe last week about a commercial portable reader and it gave me an idea. I’ve got a raspberry pi zero w with a backup battery and an e-ink screen. As far as I know I can install linux on the pi zero which should mean I can install proxmark drivers right? I’m also not sure what to use to power the proxmark, I was thinking just a small powerbank/cell phone charger.
Am I heading in the right direction? Is this possible?

rasbian is a Debian based OS and you already can run proxmark software, proxmark3/Linux-Installation-Instructions.md at master · RfidResearchGroup/proxmark3 · GitHub

you just need to follow these instructions. the only issue I could see you having is the input for commands, how would you type?

I was thinking of using a bluetooth keyboard.

I followed those for my Pinebook install.
So I can confirm for you they work
:+1: :+1:

ALSO the accompanying video

Something else to consider

At the very least maybe use the interface as an idea.
Precompiled commands and a D-pad to select and execute

I am still hoping the Flipper Zero does what WE want