Postage and Tacking for order

First post to get the ball rolling.
As the Topic suggests, I have placed an order got the processed email.
Is tracking info available for the orders?

Once the order ships you should get a tracking email. Processing and shipping orders is taking between 2 and 4 business days at the moment.


Order 18945, Not that I will be able to do much with it till the Piercing places open back up again, hopefully in the next few weeks.
Thanks :smiley:


Have you found a piercer yet?

The Piercing Urge in Prahran (Victoria, Australia)
Was in there before all this went down. The head tech was doing 2 double implants while I was there. The guy walked out wit an arm full of dangerous things boxes. All looked very professional and staff were exceptionally helpful.


That is awesome for you, and glad you have a good one lined up.
What are you getting installed, your xEM and xNT? did you order anything else? have you worked out where and what you are using it/them for?
I have put a couple of links at the bottom for you ( if you haven’t already seen them )
Also as a new user, you might run out of posts shortly…So FYI

As I recall, it was one double implant (of a xEM and xM1) and his brother got a single NExT!

Good thing those boxes are light, I had to park at the Jam Factory :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the forums mate!


Sounds like a little collusion going on…

I like it

Fair dinkum
That’s a bit of a walk about, should’ve just parked at the KFC across the road mate :australia: :shrimp: :beer:

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Don’t think they’d like me parking inside the restaurant, street parking there just after lunchtime doesn’t exist! Considered parking at Chapel off Chapel, but their parking is time-limited and it was a nice day outside.

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Oh, are you still going with the tattoo there first, @ttenneb?

:raised_hands: those guys are amazing and definitely know their shit. Excellent choice!


The implants ended up being the
LF- White
HF - Red

Thinking the Tattoo will be a miss. Spent all my $ on the chips and implant.


Nice! Figured out your implant locations yet?

NExT a great choice for a first implant

Still thinking, trying to decide on what goes where and what will play nicely together.
Looking forward to the contactless payment chip, will have to get another hand sewn on to accommodate the chips.

Your xLEDs can pretty much go where ever you want, they won’t interact/ interfere with the other implants or readers, They will just energise and light up near a reader of the same freq.
In theroy if you had the space you could bundle the NExT and the 2 xLEDs in the same spot ( Keeping them >5mm apart )
The NExT you would be best to keep away from any other HF or LF implants

You might have trouble fitting all 3 side by side, Pete got 2 next to each other for me, but there definitely isn’t spare room in my hands!

Could go with the LF with the NExT and the HF in the other hand for when the payment ones come out (they’ll be HF)

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I was thinking Hf and NeXT in my right. I will use the access control functionality mainly. Keep the left for lf and payments when available. Also having buyers remorce tbat I didnt put a few magnets in the cart :frowning:


After you’ve made your first order theres a little bit of a period of bliss, then you make a realisation… it was too easy, and you can probably find room for more things!

The moment the Apex series are out, i think an Apex Flex is in my near future.

Maybe also a flexM1 for work - I was thinking of getting it originally before I settled on the xM1 thinking I didn’t need the range - will see when I’m back at work if I change my mind!

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So, a DHL courier rocked up today with my new toys. It is so hard not to just open the box and start stabbing.
Thanks all for the warm welcome to the community. Cant wait to explore what the future brings.
Now to wait for the piercing urge to open :slight_smile: