Pre-Testing NExT prior to installation, anyone?

Ordered one and its on its way, id like to ask, Is there a safe way to encode/write/test the (NExT Hardware) without inserting it yet in the body?

Has anybody attempted to write/register the hardware as a fob while its still sealed in the package?

Or has anybody tried to unseal and remove the actual chip from the transponder and have it writted/registered, then sanitize it again with alcohol prior to installation?

I mean, its quite tricky to find out whether it works or not after installation, right? :grin:

Looking for enlightenment and ideas, im just excited :grin:

Are you having a professional install it?

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Planning to have a tattoo artist to have it installed

You will not be able to read/write while it’s inside the needle. If you’re having a pro install it, you might be able to eject it from the needle, scan it, then insert the NExT, but I wouldn’t recommend it.


Will alcohol be enough to sanitize it prior to reinsertion to the needle? Will have to keep my hopes up then :grin:

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Lol depending on the alcohol you might sanitize, but not sterilize. Keep the alcohol on hand for a celebration shot after though! :smiley:


Wahahaha of course i will have two sets of alcohol, a bacardi and an isopropyl :joy:

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Might just have the iso, they taste the same. Though I say that about to do a shot of Bacardi at work XD

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Haha cheers bruh! :mechanical_arm:

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Cheers! :mechanical_arm:

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If a professional is doing it, they could possibly eject the chip a bit and do a scan, and then put it back in the needle, only a couple seconds

Using alcohol or something is likely to introduce more issues than just keeping it sterile

Here’s the real advice, it’s fine… there are almost never any problems of the x series not working, and even if it didn’t, DT will replace, and it’s not difficult to remove the chip ( I’ve removed s magnet, took like 5 seconds)

But you increase your chance of getting an infection by playing with the chip before hand


Hmmmm i just got a eureka idea from you! Perhaps i can inverse the packaging and expose the plastic side and partially eject the chip while still within the sterile packaging then reinsert it in the needle after writing without exposing the hardware and trabsponder in the environment. Hope its doable, thanks for your tip! :slight_smile:

Not what I was suggesting

I going you are going to be able to get the cap, AND the safety clip off,

Without shredding the sterile PAPER packaging

Just trust it will work

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I see, thanks bruh, will keep the faith then and pray to the almighty it works :grin:

They’re already tested by Amal before being loaded into the injector and sterilized, there’s no need to remove it to test yourself and risk sterility


You could have your installer pop it out and put it back into the syringe, but that dramatically increases infection risk. Alcohol wouldn’t sterilize it. Popping it out in the bag wouldn’t work, as there is a cap and a safety clip. Also, you need to keep the outer bag sealed with the installation kit until you get to your installer, as the inner bags holding the injector have a semi-permeable side for sterilization.

You shouldn’t need to test it, as they are all tested before shipping (i’m pretty sure), there is a near 0 chance of it failing, as it is tested after assembly and sealed in resin and glass. I personally haven’t heard an account of one failing anyway.

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Besides giving a +1 to all that has been said before "i.e. just trust it*, I feel like someone needs to reinstate this:

Not only that is correct, but more than that: Alcohol is abrasive.

So while it’s great to sanitise surfaces (skin inclusive), it’s a shitty Idea to put it anywhere near an open wound.
The effect would be similar to cauterisation: a nasty scar.
(I actually use isopropil alcohol wen performing light scarification)

Using regular cleaning alcohol on something which goes inside a wound could mess up with your pocket forming process as well.


Abrasive? Or irritant?

I understand how it kills your cells and worsens healing and all that… but never heard it referred to as an abrasive


Thanks for the question. I might have stumbled across a language barrier thing here… :sweat_smile:

In English it looks like Alcohol is not considered an abrasive cleaning product. (In Portuguese, for example, it is)

But alcohol does cause mild chemical abrasion.
And treating an open wound directly with alcohol causes a “partial thickness scar/wound by damage to the skin”, which is the medical definition of abrasion.


Nice point, though! thanks!


If you absolutely want to test it before installation by a professional, then you can eject the chip and do your tests, then have the professional autoclave the chip inside a sterilization pouch. After the autoclave, test again for heat cycle damage while still inside the pouch, then have the professional use a piercing needle to perform the installation.

That said, you indicated a “tattoo artist” was performing the installation. That’s not ideal. Find a professional body piercer. Sure, a tattoo artist might have some piercing experience, but they are not the same as a professional piercer, and I would be careful trusting someone who identifies as a tattoo artist first… especially if you’re asking them to perform a non-standard installation with a piercing needle instead of the injector assembly.