Prenatal Vitamins/Folic Acid - Right time to start taking?

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I’m set to get my first implant in a couple of days, all the FAQ’s advise that taking prenatal vitamins can help with healing but I couldn’t find much info on when to start taking them and how long for.

In their traditional use, Folic Acid would be taken before conception, is this necessary for implants? Or should I start taking them once I get the implant done?

How long do people usually take them for?

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I didn’t take them, but may I suggest some tylenol right before. It gets sorta throbby after you’ve been jabbed.

Thanks for the advice, definitely something I’ll consider. I’m usually good with blood donations so I’m sure I’ll do alright, but won’t hurt to be prepared just in case.

Really good question, I don’t personally know the answer, and I am likely thinking the same as you.

  1. Take them early, get the body producing collagen, but then I have to break through this to get implant in place, but then the collagen production will already be in full swing so a head start for the encapsulation process…

  2. Obviously the use of prenatals for implants is not the primary purpose of them, so not a lot of info out there. Just a stab in the dark here, but a couple / few days before??? :man_shrugging:

  3. and I hope this doesn’t increase my chance of getting pregnant.


I have never used them, But Amal has recommended to take them and gelatin for 2-3 weeks after, and also reduce strenuous workouts and activity for 2 weeks

Your fascia doesn’t get thicker when on prenatal vitamins, so that’s not a concern. I would start taking them a week before your implant if you can plan ahead that far… then continue to take them for 4 weeks after your implant procedure. You should have a very strong encapsulation of your implant.


So a couple + a few + a couple
2(few) + 0.5 x couple

Gotcha :+1:
Thanks @amal


You might not even need to take prenatal vitamins.

I was on the carnivore diet when I got my implants (2 of them) and neither of them moved even a little bit. I’m only 27 years old though, so my collagen production hasn’t slowed down a whole lot from age. If it’s somewhat difficult to pinch enough skin where you plan on injecting it, you probably have enough collagen & elastin for it to stay put.

Thanks for the great replies everyone! Just got back from getting my hand stabbed, and already able to get reads pretty reliably.

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Oh, forgot to mention, my piercer did have a suggestion for improving the DT kits.

She said that the adhesive bandage should have pictures of unicorns on it to help the healing process, apparently there is research to support them being more effective than plain ones.

I couldn’t source any locally, so Cookie Monster band aids will have to do in the meantime, but definitely something that should be considered going forwards :call_me_hand:





thanks you too

Would there be any more/less benefit to taking a straight collagen supplement as opposed to (or with maybe?) prenatal vitamins? Gearing up to order some to prep for my first implant and noticed that was an option…

The only reason I suggest prenatals is that ice taken lots of various vitamins but nothing grew my hair and nails faster than prenatals… and that’s the kind of growth were looking for


I’ve been using a straight Folic Acid supplement, and haven’t noticed any issues.

Strong encapsulation pretty quickly, and the tag doesn’t move around in the hand.

That said, a full prenatal may be better, but for my biology the folic acid was plenty.


Someone happened to link this in a reply to one of my posts so I figured I’d ask here:

I just received my prenatal vitamins a few days ago and have been taking a decent amount of them to try to speed up and aid the recovery process; we’re talking 2 in the morning, one or two in the afternoon, two before bed. The serving size for a “pregnant or lactating woman” is 2 per day; most vitamins have 50% or 100% DV per serving. Notably, Folic Acid is 223% of DV per serving (yikes, my hair’s going to be growing a foot a day).
Thoughts? Cut back on it? I feel fine, but I’m a little worried that I am still partially bruised around the chip, injection site, and tented region from all of the Vitamin C I’m intaking.


This is not a medically informed comment:

Wow, you must have some expensive pee ATM.


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certainly feels that way.

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You’re taking 4-5 per day, but it only suggests taking 2 - I would cut back, you shouldn’t need that much. Consider that a lot of fortified foods have added folic acid in them - breakfast cereals, pretzels, pasta etc. So if you’re taking on an extra 800% of the RDI for a pregnant woman … seems a little excessive.

You’re only gonna heal so fast and most people don’t have any problems healing without prenatals either way :upside_down_face:


Sounds like carbs-- my favorite food group. Doesn’t take much to convince me to eat more of those-- I’ll cut down on the vitamins. Thanks for the insight!

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