Professional Installers - Nurses?

I live in Minnesota, and we only have one installer listed in the installers map and theyre like a 2 hour drive from me. Not an ideal amount of distance, but I’ll do the trip if it comes down to it.

With that said, I know a couple nurses and when I asked them if this is something they feel they have the expertise/skills to do it, and they said it looks pretty straightforward like doing a ‘mantoux’ which is a test for TB where they inject tuberculin subdermally and look for a skin reaction that tells you if you have TB or not. They asked a trusted doctor to confirm and the doctor agreed with that assessment.

My question is: Do yall feel like this is something a nurse could do or has anyone had a trusted medical professional install an injectable implant on them?


Dude, I wish I had nurses who could help me. Sounds perfect, go for it.

Also, just fyi, the procedure is simple enough that some people have used vet techs to get it done.

Also, have you found the installers guide to show them?



No I havent found that! Thank you for sharing! I’ll make sure to pass it along.

I will say it probably helps that I have dated both nurses and remained friends with them so they’re used to my hairbrained impulses hehe

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The one medical professional I spoke to (went on a date with) wouldn’t touch it with a 10ft pole. Most just don’t want the liability. But if you have someone that you know and isn’t just some rando nurse, they are more likely to be ok with it.


Or… Maybe theyre just waiting for a good opportunity to, you know, STAB YOU with a big ol needle. :rofl:


haha I mean, it’s not impossible :sweat_smile:


When I had mine done it was a professional who had done a bunch of them before and he went in towards fingers. Is there a difference or is it just a preference?

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i can think of 3 community members from Minnesota, they may be able to help with some more options for you.

We haven’t seen any of them post for a while, but they could still be lurking


let’s see if this stimulates a reply from any of these gentlemen


You already have some of the suggestions above. Here’s a couple more

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yep, installer preference.

I was asked this the other day in a DM, I answered it with a number I just plucked, but I said approximately 30% of installs by a professional would be done in this manner. Whatever the actual number is, needless to say, it is not uncommon. I think it just makes the installation easier for the piercer, getting the angles right, etc.

Also, make sure you eat something beforehand. It can stave off some of the body’s weird reaction to being stabbed.

I also recommend taking a little tylenol just before the procedure too. That way it’s working if it takes to throbbing, or you mash it while still tender.


Very helpful, thank you!

I will also do this, thank you much!

I have 4 implants. All were done by my mates wife, who is a nurse. She also did his and one each for both of my daughters. Best thing is she had access to a numbing gel as well so no one felt a thing….

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Very stimulating. :wink:

I could do it for you. I live in SW MN. PM me if you want.

I would also let you know that my wife is a RN. She put one of my chips in and it is in the muscle, way too deep. I love her, but do not trust someone just cause they are a RN. I even had her watch the videos first.