Proxmark 3 Easy not outputting eml file

I followed this video after setting up the Proxmark 3 Easy I got today, loaded with Iceman firmware. Setup went well, but my Proxmark is not outputting an eml file. Can I clone based on the binary file output, or does it have to be the eml file?

You should be able to use any of the three files it outputs fairly interchangeably, .bin .eml or .json

But, just in case:

What are you trying to clone?
What commands did you try to generate that bin file?


The video shows how to use MCT on Android with an eml file. If you just want to clone with the proxmark3 you can do that … but MCT is a great portable option for doing it in the field without other kit.

Also make sure you are targeting a gen2 magic mifare if you are planning to use MCT.

As for the file output, screenshots help. It may be stored somewhere you’re not expecting, or possibly there are write permission issues in your file system?


Attached is a photo of a terminal output with one of the Proxmark 3 Easy test cards. As you see, it outputs a .bin and a .json file. Additionally, this chip was also cloned with the Flipper Zero, and the Flipper emulates the card perfectly.

Here is the image of the chip type detected by the Proxmark 3. Proxmark is having difficulty identifying the exact chip type, but it a Mifare Plus 2k chip used in the access control system for my front door. Attempting to clone it before with MCT has some issues, so that’s why I purchased the Proxmark, so I can do more research in the subject. Finding an answer for this would also put me forward in the major I am currently studying, accelerating my progress towards my current degree.

Editing for adding the picture of the chip in question.

Notebook for contrast, pen for scale. The chip reads “M+2K” at the top.

I’m trying to clone a Mifare Plus 2k key fob that’s used for the access control system to my apartment’s front door. It’s data has been previously cloned and emulated by my Flipper Zero.

To generate the bin file, I used the command “hf mf autopwn”

what are you trying to clone it to? what is the target?

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I don’t have a target just yet; waiting for a supply of magic cards that would be sufficient but as of right now trying to clone to a “dummy” to see if it even initiates the process. However, upon testing on the .bin file, it appears to attempt to clone to the dummy, although terminates the process early due to non-rewritable 0 sector (which was to be expected). I believe just after further testing that my question has been answered.