Proxmark + Android (13)

I am looking for which Proxmark to get, that works with my Android phone. I’ve heard tell of a bluetooth version. Does anyone have any experience with this? Preferably to work with as many of these as possible:

My chips are a
xM1 “magic” 1k
Vivokey Apex
Vivokey Spark(2/2019) so V1?
xNT NFC Chip - NTAG216
xEM RFID Chip - T5577

But I think I only really need it for xEM RFID Chip - T5577 and xM1 “magic” 1k

I’d appreciate direct links to things we know work.

The only proxmark that works with bluetooth is the rdv4. It can ‘work’ with all of those chips, but for actually using the apex and spark functionality, you need to use them as intended (ie with their apps).

Anyone know of a reliable and preferably cheapr place for an rdv4?

generally the prices are pretty standard for the RDV4.

PoSsibLy, the cheapest may be on AliExpress
but it also looks to be in the same ball park.

The Proxmark3 Easy is a much cheaper alternative and is virtually the same as the RDV4.

The only major difference is the Bluetooth ability of the RDV4 (at additional cost)

Its really not worth the price difference, with or without the BT option.
You can plug your Easy (or RDV4) into your phone, but personally I’ve nevet had great results on my Android.

If you shop around you will find some price variation in thePM3 Easy.

The Dangerous things PM3 is not the cheapest, but it is preloaded with Icemans fork (“best” fork) also you get the best support if you support Dangerous Things(by buying from them), dont get me wrong, we’ll all help you out here regardless of where you get yours from, but still consider DTs if you were at least willing to spend that much cash on an RDV4

FYI, I have the RDV4, The Easy and a Flipper

I use the Flipper far more often than not.

So depending on what you want to do, that may also be an option for you.

The price for the flipper is somewhere in the ~middle of the PM3s but the functionality is better in some regards and not as good in others.

I hope that helps


This truly sums up Amal and DT and the people on this forum. I appreciate we all want a bargain and often there are pressing needs which do not allow options, but if you can afford to buy DT then I urge you to do it to support a great company which actually gives a damn.

Ditto on the 3 comments preloaded too. It makes life much easier to set up.


Also FYI, we don’t advertise this but we go over every proxmark3 and resolder the USB port connector on the PCB because the factory job is terrible and it will rip off the board if you pull the USB cable even a little bit wrong.


Currently I have a PM3 easy, that I bought before DT offered one. I buy from DT unless I have no other choice.
Unfortunately the Bluetooth is a need, as my only device for some months will be an Android phone running Dex. To get the PM3 to run on Android 13 you either need a custom kernel or a module. Neither are likely to happen anytime soon.

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Rather than running Dex, can you use Apps directly…actually, you should be able to run the apps via Dex if you have a hub (a powered hub would be even better)

Anyway, I haven’t used any of these for a while, and I had mixed results with them (hopefully there has been some improvement over the many updates since)
try the following:-

Have you gotten your flipper to actually crack or emulate anything? I have yet to see the magic of this dolphin. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This unfortunaltey is an old version. Neither my android or PC will install it.

Find keys :white_check_mark:
Emulate :white_check_mark:

do you have one?

Turns out that the problem was my old ProxMark the whole time.
New DT proxmark and it works with my phone like a champ.

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Thank you all!


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