Proxmark LF Antennas


“We plan on producing a run of Proxmark3 LF antennas soon and we’ll update this page when they are available.”

Is this still being worked on @amal?


it is… @TomHarkness is leading that endeavor.


Awesome can’t wait! Thanks Amal and Tom.


This is well underway and the proxmark team and I have been smashing through the final stages of the design. Things were slightly delayed due to life getting in the way a little on my end. I’ll try and update the community soon with some preview pics asap! The final coil design is nothing short of amazing and I have tested it like mad.

Here is a sneak peek at one of the coil test rigs (the final design will obviously be much neater - this board is purely for testing):


Will these be compatible with the Chinese PM3 Easy boards or only the official ones?


@TomHarkness, is this Proxmark LF antenna that you’re talking about what we’ve been waiting for to be able to safely and reliably read/write to the xEM like in this video? If so, any idea of when you guys may release it?


Only the rdv4.0 at this stage. Making them for the knock off version is tricky as the tuning components vary from knock-off to knock-off so I could never make one antenna that is tuned perfectly for all hardware. Once this is done I have an idea for the pm3 easy boards that will incorporate a tuning pot. Should be easy enough.


Yes. I hope within a few months. Fingers crossed that everything goes to plan! :smiley:


Ok. Thanks for the quick response. :+1:


No worries - as I said above, life has caused some setbacks on this project and others but full steam ahead at this stage!


Thanks for the update, this is great news. I’m eagerly awaiting a new lf proxmark antenna, as the ones I have currently are pretty fiddly.


@TomHarkness, do you have any estimate as to what kind of cost we’re looking at for this on release? I only ask because if it’s pretty high, I’d like to start saving up now so I can be prepared to get it at release.


Hey @TomHarkness I’m going to make this thread the defacto update thread for LF antenna coils for the proxmark3 rdv4 :slight_smile:


Sweet :slight_smile: sounds good! I’ll keep this thread updated as things progress.


This is quite exciting… I’ve got one xEM tag in my hand that has stopped responding to almost all Proxmark commands. It will still beep on a long-range HID reader, but I have zero luck nowadays interacting with it using the Proxmark, so a new and improved antenna for this would be incredibly useful! :slight_smile:


Woah, I didn’t know the great Deviant was here!


This is awesome. Hopefully the antenna will make it to market.

But… that test board is pretty cool with switches for different resistance? Where did that come from?


That’s a prototype for testing :wink: it was designed by Rfid Researchers Group and myself for my antenna R&D and produced by a factory in Shenzhen.


So guys… I’m extremely excited to say that I will receive first production ferrite core antenna + pcb samples from Shenzhen in about 15 days for testing.

Also trying to figure a neat way to make these duel frequency on single ferrite rod so that we don’t need seperate antenna boards for 125 / 13.56. However this may be a v2 thing,

Peace :slight_smile:


nice will be looking out for more updates keep up the great work