Proxmark LF Antennas


Antenna samples received for QC guys! And with the limited (5 mins worth) testing I’ve done today. I can say that these bad boys are nothing short of amazing! The range and consistency, oh the range and consistency!


Yay! Waiting for these before implanting my xEM :slight_smile:


Super looking forward to these! Have been really itching wanting to program my NeXT.


That’s great news!
Do you have a projected / estimated timeline for production and release to market?


This is super amazing. We’ve been building/using our own at DC801 / 801Labs for a while and they’ve been a bit better, but still pretty crappy. I’m glad to see some work in this space and we would love to beta test these in a group of 5-6 people who have various implants.


About three months at this stage. Trying to work as fast as we can but having the team split across the globe makes things difficult at times.


Nice! I’ll see what I can organise, I’m sure I can at least send you guys one unit for testing out of the first batch.


An unexpected consequence of making sure these are of the highest quality… is that this happened. And I’m getting clean reads and writes from miles away while implant is inside the metal syringe. This should give you all a rough idea of just how good these will be, and why I’ve needed to take time in getting the tuning perfect. Get excited guys!


That’s incredible!!


This looks fantastic and our team’s excitement is through the roof. Tom, is there any chance I’d be able to coordinate with you to order a few for beta testing as well? We’ve been working on our own personal long distance LF antennas with some success but consistency seems to be our biggest enemy, can’t wait for this!


We will be supplying this via DT once it’s in production :slight_smile: