Proxmark LF Antennas

@amal, I know you don’t have dates for us yet, but do you have any idea how long of a wait there will be between the date of pre-order and when the pre-orders ship out?

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Sorry no ideas yet on anything. Because of the people involved and the arrangements, I don’t have control over any of the production, and I have even less visibility. I will update as soon as I know anything.


Hey All!!

We have some super exciting news! The antenna is now available from the web store

Get in quickly as I think these are going to sell out very fast!


thanks so much for your work on this!


Ordered with Proxmark! Thx guys!)

Yay! :smile: Hoping this will help us unbrick our xEM lol.

Well done @TomHarkness for all the work on these things!

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Ordered! Thank you!

Thanks - ordered! Excited about this!

You should consider adding the other antennas offered and the Bluetooth battery module to the store. That way people can grab the entire package from one place. Vs having to go elsewhere.


Ordered! Thanks for the heads up! Very excited about this!

Got mine today, this thing works great! Once I found the dang chip in my hand, it reads and writes no problem.

Thanks so much guys for all the effort getting this together! Now I finally get to use the LF side of my NeXT :smiley:


Hi Kauko,

Can you share what commands you used on your Proxmark 3 to write to your chip? Did you need to input any configuration first or did the automatic versions of the Proxmark commands work right away?

Thank you!

Nothing special. After making sure to do a hw tune with the new antenna, I was cloning a HID card, so I just did a scan until I was sure it was reading the implant and did a lf hid clone XXXX like you would with any T55xx card.

Thank you! This is promising :slight_smile:

Mine should be showing up soon, which brings me to the question - what should I use the LF side for? Currently my chip is more like a party trick to show people with Android phones & NFC. Looking for some practical use cases for both LF and HF chips.

Are there some good threads someone could point me to on this?

@Sawaba I turned my NeXT chip into my business card. When someone asks for my card and they have an Android i scan my hand. I have the URL of a website with my contact info and my portfolio on it. The other half of the chip will open my door at work once i copy my HID card to it soon. I’m going to order the new antena soon.


Re: the LF side.
it really depends on what you have access to, and what you want to do.
My initial reason to get LF was for work access.
I have a few projects I have set up.
start/stop vehicle push button.
Hidden draw lock
Sleep out access lock with a few additional add on capabilities.
just look for 125khz equipment and find somewhere to deploy it.
keep an eye on this forums project section…
Also, if you get stuck on a project, there are some very clever and helpful people on here that could likely help you out


Cool - this is precisely what I’ve done with my HF chip so far - NFC business card.

Thanks @Pilgrimsmaster for the ideas - I’ll go spend some time in the projects section!

I am loving the new antenna and it’s showing GREAT performance with the xEM tag in my right hand. Formerly, i had all kinds of problems getting my Proxmark3 RDV2 and RDV4 (the latter shown here) stock antennas to play nice with my implanted chip. This one works like a dream.

Just checking, though… it appears that when this new LF antenna is installed, there’s no really easy way to have the HF antenna installed, as well, is there? I’ve been thinking about disconnecting the stock LF antenna from my Proxmark3 RDV4 and then trimming down the PCB, as well, but then it’s not such a stable connection to the unit. We shall see.

Any other thoughts?