Proxmark3 cloning help

First of all I want to apologize for yet ANOTHER proxmark3 question on the forum. Please forgive me.

I’ve got an xEM tag implanted in my hand that I am trying to clone my work badge onto. My work badge is an HID prox Id. If I understand the process correctly the syntax I need to run is,

lf hid clone -w Hxxxxx --fc xxx --cn xxxxx

I’m not even sure if If i can clone an HID prox onto an em 410x? and id rather not brick my xEM

Any help is greatly appreciated.

yep totally possible… have you seen the videos on the proxmark3 product page on how to do basic cloning?

this would be the command to use for sure… but after you collect the required data from your source device using lf search

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Did your Proxmark come with a T5577 card?
If so, do a practice on that first, then you just have to repeat it to your xEM…thats the tricky part, it can be quite finicky

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Ive run the lf search command to find the required values to clone onto the x EM just didnt add them because I wasnt sure if this was information I should be posting online.

unless somebody knows you and where you will be using it, its pretty benign…however better practice not to.

it sounds like you are on the right track, just write to your card, if all good, then do your xEM and you’re done.

when you do your xEM

these may be helpful


are you aware of a screen that can be added to the proxmark3 Easy to use while in standalone mode?

Unfortunately adding a screen means it’s not operating in stand-alone mode. You’d have a host connected to the proxmark3 at that point… the proxmark3 itself is not capable of driving output to just a screen… so you would need a host that communicates with the proxmark3 using binary commands and then have some sort of operational menu interface and display output… i.e. a host computer device the proxmark3 is connected to.

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