Proxmark3 easy LF antenna seems too weak, fails to identify tag

I have a tag im trying to clone/ identify.

First I used “hf tune” and “lf tune” to find out if its a high or low frequency chip. The voltage didn’t drop at all using hf tune but it did drop just 4V using “lf tune”. Usually putting on other cards makes the voltage drop like 15V.

Issuing " lf search" just yields an error like “no known tags found” so i did “lf search -u”. It seems to find an “Indala ID” but after issuing the command again the ID is different. I did further research on this forum and found out that my proxmark is probably just picking up random noise and it probably isn’t an Indala ID.

So my question now is how do I properly identify this tag and why is the voltage drop just a tiny bit? I’m suspecting the identification fails because my LF antenna is just too weak?

I’ve also found this post on this forum:

Do you think making such a coil would resolve this issue?

What kind of tag? What does it go to? Can you show us a picture or two?

Also, welcome to the forum :classic_smile:

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Thanks for your fast answer and for welcoming me to the forum!

The problem is that I have no clue what kind of tag this is. That’s exactly what I’m trying to find out. I just know that this is a low frequency tag.

This tag looks just like a normal coin. In my workplace you have to use this coin to get access to the toilets.
So you throw the coin into the machine, the machine gives you the coin back and then the door can be opened.

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I just upped your user level to basic, so you should be able to share pictures.

A photo of the coin (token) and reader may help us to help you.

I’m wondering if it may possibly be UHF :man_shrugging:
Does it look like this?


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Can you just confirm, you are getting successful LF and HF reads?

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The coin looks like this yes! I’ll take a pic of the reader when I’m at work tomorrow.

So do you know what kind of coin it is? I searched a little bit and found that it could be a LF Hitag coin but not sure about it since I can’t successfully read it since the signal is too weak…

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Every other card/ tag works well with my proxmark3.

Reading/ cloning is working fine. It’s just this coin that is causing trouble.

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Yeah, as I guessed, it’s a UHF Token.
Well, Im 93.78% sure.

If so, you won’t be able to read it with a proxmark unfortunately


All right thank you for your help.

I’ll get a new coin tomorrow so I can disassemble this one and take out the chip inside and send you some pics. Just want to be sure before purchasing a UHF reader/ writer.

Do you recommend a reader/ writer? I’ve found this one from PISSWORDS: PISWORDS - UHF Reader

Also do you know if any UHF chip is clonable? Does it have encryption? Proxmarkv3 uses scripts etc. to acquire the decryption keys for Mifare classic for example.

Would suck if i purchased this and realized that it can’t be cloned cause of some keys.

There are also various types of LF transponders that the proxmark3 does not recognize yet because they are “reader-talk-first” or the output is not recognized. With reader talk first tags, the tag will couple (voltage drop) but sit silently waiting for the reader to issue a command that prompts the tag to respond. Because these tags don’t just spit out data when powered up, the proxmark can accidentally find data in noise and indicate Indala.

UHF Tags generally use one of two frequencies (Regional)

860 and 900MHz, so if that reader can read both, it would be a good option.

Yes, many can be.

Infact, you could maybe consider an option like this.
As they will have the equipment to clone what they determine it to be (if it can be)

Other UHF Tags – Mr. Key Fob.

Cool, I’m pretty sure they are made of ABS, so dissasembly may be difficult.
You’ll have a better idea as you have it in your hot little hands, but if it proves too difficult, you could try a solvent like Butanone (MEK) or Acetone.
Just be aware, depending on what the antenna is made of, these may “eat” it.
Without a reader, the antenna will give more clues than the chip itself.
You could try a controlled soak, and keep an eye on it to soften the ABS to a point that you can extract more easily.
(also a good idea to wear a mask if you choose to use MEK)

Any chance you can at least remove the cover for a photo also?

Yeah, it absolutely could be, it could simply be the same enclosure that is used on some UHF Tokens I’ve seen.
It happens with LF and HF fobs also, so totally a possibility.

Do you have a link of what you found?
and also a photo of your actual token?

And this, because Amal knows far more than I do…

I checked that listing, and it does appear to cover the 2 main Freqs. So if you wen’t down that path, and if it is indeed UHF It SHOULD be able to read it. Writing!?, THAT, I can’t confirm for you without more information.

When this happens, does the coin fall straight through, or does it seem / sound like it is held within the mechanism for a second or 2


Any update on this?