Proxmark3 RDV4 ProxLF antennas are back in stock!

The ProxLF antenna for the proxmark3 rdv4 diagnostic tool are back in stock!


Stupid question, but can this antenna work with the proxmark3 easy?


The reason has to do with the electrical characteristics (Inductance and capacitance) of the antenna, and the fact that the RVD4 has capacitors on the separate antenna board and the Easy does not.

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Well that was easy, thanks


Speaking of ProxLF antenna, mine is tuned to 129 kHz. I’m thinking this is on purpose, as a compromise between 125 kHz and 134 kHz, but maybe it’s out of tune. Can you confirm the tuning frequency?

Basically yes… but when it comes to LF, there is hardly a difference between 125kHz and 134kHz… in fact most LF readers refer to this frequency family as 125/134 internally, and they can read chips of either tuning with only slight penalties for mismatched tag and reader tuning. For example, the Halo handheld reader has no trouble at all reading either frequency tags.

Yeah, I was just curious. It’s working fine.

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For anyone interested. KSEC is still offering the Proxmark RDv4 Bundles & a lot more. Including ones with the NExT and all of the official addons and antennas.

Out of curiosity, anyone tried the larger HF RDV4 antennas with X form factor implants?

No but I can do easily enough this evening if you’re interested.


I would definitely be interested :slight_smile: that would be great thanks!

The stock HF antenna is usable but not exactly great.

I’ll do some tests this evening :slight_smile:

What do you mean by X form factor implants? If you mean DT x-something, they’re ordinary glass transponders aren’t they?

FWIW, I did try the FlexEM, and it works better with the stock Proxmark antenna, as one might expect.

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Yeah the one’s with the X in front :sweat_smile:

Yeah that’s what I thought. I was wondering cuz I can’t see what could possibly be different with them coupling-wise.

X form implants are the one injectable and Flex is where u have to do cutting and stuff. I think

With the old procedure, yeah, scalpel was the way. But there’s now a needle procedure. A little bit more involved than the preloaded syringes, but its not really much more ‘cutting’ than an x-Series.

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Tell that to the flexEM… :sweat_smile:


You stole my comment :rofl:

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You know you had to do it theEM

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