Purewrist prepaid payment card in USA

How goes the process?

I just ordered my purewrist, I’ll do the same testing as you and then send it off to dangerousthings. I’m just south of Seattle, so it looks like I’ll be going to the studio in Seattle for the actual implant.

I’m still undecided about the location, but I’m thinking the same location as satur9.

For anyone who’s had a purewrist or other flex implant, can you feel it under the skin while you’re typing or otherwise moving your hand if it’s implanted?

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Just waiting for it to be converted,

Trying not to rush Amal, but letting him know I’m willing to pay for that faster return shipping lol

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I can understand that feeling, since we only get 36 months of use out of these before losing functionality :frowning:

Weirdly I don’t care about that, 36 months will fly by either way

I’ve got a nice holiday vacation to implant and recover is my rush


Nope. I can’t even tell it’s there unless I touch it with my other hand

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No, my custom flex payment is in position #4.5

I banged my hand around a lot whilst it was still healing, and it reminded me that it was there.
Now that it has fully healed, I never feel it.

I fixed that for you,

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I accidentally went out without my wallet today and everything turned out fine =)


This. It’s awesome!

My purewrist was mailed out to @amal for conversion! Excited to get it back, do one last function test and get it put in!



What does purewrist require for their identity verification?

I can’t remember to be honest

might have been a SS# but if so that was it

Took about 5 minutes to upgrade from prepaid to reloadable

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It’s a social security number to identity verify, it was pretty much instant in my case.

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Any updates for us? I’m waiting patiently for my implant, I’ve already got a piecing shop not too far away ready to get mine put in when it arrives!

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Mine won’t be back for another week at least

I need to figure out a new install plan, since I don’t have a lot of recovery time now

Best case with no altering my schedule would be
Friday install
Saturday chill
Sunday chill
Monday work

Hmm in that case I might be able to verify an account. I guess I’ll get one and try to verify it before I commit to any further conversion.

sorry yes… i have a small pile of conversions to do … just working my fingers out catching up with a bunch of holiday backlog first… then the conversions start. probably staring tomorrow to be honest.

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Anyone have contact with purewrist?

I’m trying to get ahold of them and so far it’s radio silence

What channel are you using to contact them?

Tried 2 support@email
And left a message