Purewrist prepaid payment card in USA

I’m still waiting on the chip to arrive, I’ll have it installed asap once I get it and let you know!

I ran into a unique issue and had to get a second card :sweat_smile:

Second card received :sweat_smile:, a quick test or 2 and off to Amal


Mine is working great for payment. So cool— I only ever used my xsiid as a party trick, really, so it’s cool to have something that feels useful.


Which location did you place it? How does that position work for reaching payment terminals? Any suggestions for people considering this?

Just off the knife edge of my hand. Works pretty well! No real complaints around positioning or anything yet.

See vid:


Izzy, you had previously expressed concern about flex implants in your hands because of jamming. Did something change your mind? (I mostly climb trad.)

boo i can’t see the vid… says access denied when I try to :confused:

Here is @izzy link to video…





Will walletmor or something similar be available in the states soon? Or should I just go head and do this? :thinking:

I haven’t seen any evidence of any other viable options in the states. One barrier has been antennas though, and with the new designs we’re using we can accommodate a much wider range of conversions.

Have a look around and let us know if you find anything. Payment wearables and contactless cards are all viable options to explore. The limitations are:

  • It cannot have the contact interface (little pads on the middle of one side like a sim card), because those use a different chip format that would be difficult or impossible to convert.
  • It cannot require a battery to operate. Some devices have a battery but still use a passive tag like the Apple watch, while others are just relaying information from an app on your phone which uses the internet.

I mostly climb sport :stuck_out_tongue:.

But really, I did some practice crack climbing to see where I made the most contact, and my knife edge seemed fairly alright— Not from pressure, but from abrasion and scraping for the most part. I haven’t climbed with it in, so we’ll see… I’m pretty confident in the Flex’s ability to withstand abuse, mostly just wanted it to not be uncomfortable over bones/tendons or something.


For sure. The comfort thing was my big concern. I think I’ll stick with a couple inches back from the wrist… But please do let me know how it goes whenever you get around to trying some cracks! Thanks for getting back to me.

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Update for everyone, got the chip installed! Installed on the knife edge of my left hand and tested by paying for the installation service at Hidden Identity piercing in WA! The pain management gel from Dangerous things worked great and the piercer Gumby said the new payment card conversion is quite small and very easy to get put in. Day 2 and only some slight discomfort in the implant area! Overall I’m very pleased with the hardware supplied by Amal and the install by Gumby. If you’re in the WA area, I’d highly recommend giving him a call for implants. The facility was spotlessly clean and highly professional!


Was your conversion the white antenna or the classic wound copper one?


That’s me!

@Satur9 this was the new version with the white antenna, as you can see it work quite well!

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How did Amal get that video posted before you :joy:

Also congrats, I’m very jealous


Obviously he’s Amal the Mindtaker