USA contactless payment implant conversion available now

Make sure you “upgrade” the card before you try to reload it… I remember having similar struggles in the beginning

Setup in what way?

Yes its upgraded

Do you know which terminal make and model you’ve tried to use?

@Pilgrimsmaster are there threads and posts in those threads with photos of how to present conversions to them? I can’t seem to locate any. I wish there was an image search for discourse.

There are a couple of videos in my conversion post that may help…

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Here’s a few more

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Haha a few… always coming through :wink:


Here is my compilation video


Nice one
@JennyMcLane has a few also

Hint hint :wink:

here’s one to get us started

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is this the reason all of the LED options on implants on the site are disabled?

Yeah, the over the counter options for adding LEDs are not durable enough for flex implants. You can still get xLEDs and the xSIID though.

I’m working on other solutions that integrate the LEDs directly as components on the implant like the RFID chips are, so I can design the whole thing to be more durable. The Apex Mega is the first that gets that treatment though, because the design process is kind of labor intensive and custom for each implant.

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Ah that’s disappointing, i was so excited to get the FlexNext and flexMN with LEDs, is there any current timeframe for when they’ll be available?

Asking for time-frames is usually asking for someone to say SOON™.

The flex options with LEDs may be redesigned. But that would depend on both demand and any current stock being depleted.

Those are really questions for @amal

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Yea haha, makes sense. If anything the xSIDDs are still available. I’m actually in the UK rn so i don’t mind waiting, just was hoping they were in demand from more people. Thanks for the responses!

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We got another one!!!


Do you not live here ??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Nope not yet, i’m Canadian, came to see how i like it here before applying for my Ancestry Visa. I go back to North America for a couple months soon though, hence me asking a timeframe lol

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Not wanting to derail this, but in my experience where you are in the UK vastly changes how people act.

If you don’t like one part, try a different part.


here a video from last year

i have more on tiktok - search after rfid_implantee

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I love it here haha, definitely miss Mexico tho but i’m definitely going for my UK citizenship. I want to head out to the countryside still too but i’ve already made up my mind of staying, just need the Visa to go through when i’m back in Canada. Can’t apply while here

The flexNExT in it’s current form will never be available again because the bullseye NTAG216 tags it’s made from are too weak. The flexMN I’m not sure because it’s a copper coil antenna. We can’t just put loose LED flex PCBs in the encapsulation with a copper coil antenna because it stresses out the board and they fail. That’s why I’m integrating everything together onto custom flex PCBs