Purewrist prepaid payment card in USA

Soo the chip works, I tested it picking up some take out…

And god damn that Mediterranean restaurant owner burned me

Eq: hi, I’m here for the order _______
Owner: ok cool, grabs food… that will be _____
Eq: cool, Apple Pay please
Owner: ok :+1:
Eq: *places small vial on reader and quickly moves around
Reader:beep :white_check_mark:
Owner: what’s that device you just used?
Eq: oh it’s just something I’m testing out, it’s a pretty long story but it’s still a payment device
Owner: … is that an implant?

eq:Slowly backs away maintaining poker face


I hope your implant works well. Mine is still sitting in its package. I can not seem to get it to work well at the places I would use it the most. Add to it, I have a ton of issues trying to reload the card, I just don’t feel at this point it is worth implanting.

That’s disappointing.

Maybe one of the other Purewrist owners can help you with reloading funds.

Is yours the Flex or the wedge antenna.

Are the readers you are struggling with, allowing you to present the Flex antenna parallel to the payment antennas or are they forcing the less optimal perpendicular orientation?

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The older one.

Both cases. I feel my area is just not up to date on them. I can use it at a soda vending machine or a gas pump just fine. When I try to use it at a vendor terminal, it usually declines around 70% of the time I would say. It also does this with my bank tap to pay card.

I can get them on there, but with my banks the only way I can successfully transfer the money is by using a credit card. When I do that, it adds extra interest to it.

No big deal either way. It was a “if it works, great. If not, oh well” Kinda thing for me.

So far my payment flex is working well from inside the vial

About .25-.50 inch from the reader

The vial does make rotational position interesting


tenor (73)

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I would not recommend this for someone interested in climbing cracks frequently! At least, not in the location I got it (on top of the knife edge of my hand, pretty much in line with my pinkie).

Its not tender to the touch, but it is very tender to up/down rubbing. I think there’s a little pocket that it sits in, and even just using a finger to rub that pocket back and forth causes some discomfort.

Fine for normal climbing, not great for crack.

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Half hour till install


Good luck mate. You got this.

If not I can always scrub the audio and mask the crying with “eye of the tiger”


Does anyone know what size needle can be used for the smaller new flex? And or dimensions
Scramble scramble artist is interested in only as big as needed needle

7.5mm width means 4G still needed… you might be able to stretch it with a 6G but possibly not… 4G (5mm diameter) is best.

Cool thanks we came to the same conclusion

Poor planning on my part :sweat_smile:

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did it happen today tho? or need to reschedule?

Done and done

Just couldn’t find all the specific sources I wanted to show him in the moment

Raw wasn’t too bad 6/10 until it finally popped thru the skin then a huge sigh of relief


Reminds me of my weekend.


images (2)

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Awesome and congrats! Excited to see the pics and video. Hope it heals well!

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Went pretty well, only thing I didn’t realize he used a taper and the back of the needle to slide it in deeper, oops
Least it was gentle :-/

I know tools are bad so hopefully not the end of the world

Beyond that so far do good


Wait, where is the Eye of the Tiger??
Glad to hear it went well :slight_smile: