Purewrist prepaid payment card in USA

I haven’t had to put my card in a machine for at least a year. It’s pretty fantastic.
And especially during covid it has made contact with high traffic items like an Eftpos Machine alot safer.

@Satur9 make sure you and Amal post updates, I’ll resume mine when it’s figured out what’s up

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Nah m8, we’re just gonna leave you hangin :wink:


That’s cool too I guess

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Lol I mean I’ll definitely be posting updates. I’ll be doing testing on a variety of readers, taking pictures and documenting here for everybody. It’s like my thing.

I got you, fam.


@Eriequiet here’s one!

I made a payment with the converted purewrist today.

Here’s evidence:

All the readers Amal and I have tried so far have the coil situated behind an LCD display, which makes finding the ideal spot for coupling to non-standard antenna shapes difficult. After some vigorous rubbing, and some questions from the attendant, I discovered that the ideal technique is to hold the implant in line with the top edge of the screen (using the edge as a bounding box) and slowly slide the implant across the centerline. Direction of the chip and side of the implant don’t seem to matter much. I held it right against the screen, but different readers might have different antennas that require some distance, and others might not like you touching the touchscreen while attempting to read.

I’m going to get it installed in position L3 on Sunday afternoon. I’ll let you know how it goes :smile:


Out of curiosity, is Purewrist aware that this is happening to their hardware? Could they freak out and cancel the account?


Could ask the same about vimpay to :slight_smile:

To answer your question about if they are aware to what is happening with their hardware. Yes, Purewrist is very aware of what is happening to their hardware. I was having problems upgrading my card so that I can put more money on it…so I called them and explained my problem, he asked me what I was planning on using my Purewrist for so I told him. No they didn’t freak out. They thought it was very cool/interesting. I talked with them for quite some time about what I was planning on doing. I plan on sending it to @amal for conversion.

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I’ve told them as well. Amal also has a call scheduled with one of the co-founders soon. As long as you’re paying their fees, they don’t seem to mind.



I asked because you never know how people / companies react. I had a machining shop subcontractor call me once to tell me they were cancelling all our orders right here and now, because they found out the parts we asked them to machine were gun parts. Really surprised by their reaction, but there ya go: they said they didn’t want their company connected to guns in any way for some reason.

I was afraid Purewrist might say they want nothing to do with implants. Seeing as though EMV isn’t hot to be associated with that particular activity, I thought Purewrist might have the same knee-jerk reaction.


Gonna get around to activating mine and sending it off I think. They sent me a second email, saying they sent me a second one. I was waiting until I got it, but seeing as Amal didn’t have too tough a time with yours, I will just send the one.


Have you tried any places that don’t traditionally use a pin? Like a drive thru or ?

For instance my vending machines at work have no pin pad…

Working on it :wink: I’m trying to get the thing installed first so the observations are more valuable. That’s tomorrow afternoon. Don’t worry, I’ll take pictures and document every reader I try it on and report back. That’s just how I roll.



What’s your spending limit when doing contactless?

From the FAQ page

Personalized Card Limits

Minimum Initial Load Value

$ 10

Maximum Initial Load Value

$ 500

Minimum Reload Value


Maximum Reload Value


Maximum Amount per Transaction

$ 200

Maximum Daily Spend Amount

$ 400

Maximum Monthly Spend Amount

$ 1000

Maximum Balance of Card

$ 1000

Excellent! Now, let’s just hope they don’t send you an updated mini-card next week. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like you went through with the L3 placement. Good choice.
Did you take any video or images of installation?

That fuel payment seemed to read faster than at the terminal you did your first test payment on.

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So glad it works! Mine is sitting to be mailed out to @Amal tomorrow.