Purewrist prepaid payment card in USA

Running out for food, hand is still fairly swollen but might swing by a gas station to give it a shot…


No dice but it was a quick strafing run

@Eriequiet great job :+1:t2: Any pain ?

Currently nope,

Was a pretty good poke until it broke the skin
Then getting the chip in had a few fairly sharp feelings but over all it was done in 5-10 minutes

First scan success

I just need some time with one of those black glass touch screen readers to find its sweet spot


Works like a charm now on these vending machines,

I need to play with more readers…MOAR


i just had to… too much good content being posted…


I was planning to post more lol but excellent video

I’m part of a thing yay


Well that one flat terminal there fairly common is giving me issues

I need to figure out how to arrange some time with one and a field detector

This one

I think I saw a video on that one and the sweet spot was an awkward bit at the top edge. Maybe give that a try?

This looks like the machines at Meijer. You may be able to get some alone time on a self checkout line so you don’t feel pressured.

I work at 2 retail stores that use them. My experience is that my next reads (and errors out due to not being a payment card) when I place it perpendicular to the top edge and slowly drag downward onto the screen.

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Right there is the sweet spot for an x series


Totally forgot I should have been taking vitamins during recovery, oops

@MTFT , any chance your willing to video using a field detector?

Sure, I can do that this weekend (maybe)

Got a little quality time with a reader at a gas station, clerk was super nice and friendly so she let me play for a few minutes

Found the sweet spot, but still no reads

I did get one “read error” so getting closer

Only a week old so I probably have some swelling still

Those Verifone MX915 are a real pain. I figured them out though. Here’s some good positioning options:

It helps to basically put the tag against the screen slightly in from the edge, then slowly move it outward keeping it parallel with the screen edge. It helps to have a diagnostic card handy the first few times to figure out exactly when the field is on, because if you get a misread from fumbling around the clerk often has to back out a step in the POS and re-initiate the payment. Also the field shuts off automatically after about 30 seconds so if you’re trying too long you’re wasting your time.

I really need to put that montage video up of all the reads I’ve done over the last few months. Of all the readers I’ve tried that Verifone model is the second worst (first being ingenico) and they’re ubiquitous around here. I’m going to buy a second hand one and take it apart and examine the antenna. May even be able to trick the controller into trying to read without an expensive base station so I can test the field shape.

I also sometimes get an error that says to only present one card, which I thought was due to my flexDF but now I’m not so sure. Payment terminals are really dumb devices considering how important they are for our day to day operations.


I have also had issues with a few verifone terminals, but was at a CVS today and they had kindly solved the problem for me! I wonder how much those cost… might buy them for my favorite cafe that I can’t pay at :laughing:


I get this error as well. I really don’t think it’s picking up my XSIID way on the other side of my hand (I wish range was that good!) so I think it might be due to weak signal or just a partial read?

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I worry about this since I have a xM1 in L1 and my flex in L4.5