Purewrist prepaid payment card in USA

Granted, it’s because most people are paying 1% attention to what they are doing at any given time, including piloting 2500lbs of death metal down the highway. If someone approached a payment terminal having never seen one before and said “ok, i’m going to figure this out” … it’d go well… but nobody does that. The other half of the reason people end up looking fucking stupid because they are worried about looking stupid and try to breeze through things… even old grannies do that… they say “i know how to use a payment terminal, i don’t need to study it like there’s a test” when in fact, life is nothing but a big long test… and of course they end up failing the test and looking stupid.

So this is a thing now

Might make payments interesting. Not that a payment chip was all that practical at a drive they anyway

I kinda hope it doesn’t become a trend

Weird. That’s pretty much disabling the ability to do contactless on those readers, even with a card. You still need to get a card to within 3-5cm to get a read, even less with a phone. That acrylic shielding looks like it’s 4cm off the face.

indeed. and (here at least) if you use the chip then you must use a PIN, which is the opposite direction we want to be going these days… they should be encouraging contactless, not making every plague vector touch the numpad…

Apple Pay just barely works, but that’s different

I showed the picture to my friend who uses Samsung Pay with a watch and phone daily and he said there’s no way he could use it there. You need like 1cm range from the LCD to get a read.

We have plasic shields infront of readers.
I only shop at stores that have a big enough hole for my whole arm :smiley:
In some stores I need to make some acrobatic moves to get a read.

What’s the point of those shields? So the readers don’t catch the virus?

The original bad assumption was that touch transfer was the main avenue of spreading. All sorts of policy was made like holding packages for days etc. Many places are not willing to reevaluate their policies so they’re still assuming touch as hazardous.

Must be a bitch to input PINs…

One of 2 things will happen

They will either get sick of how much delay and hassle the shield causes


They will blame contactless for the hassles

Coughing at the cashier, so that the cashier doesn’t need a mask anymore.

alcohol in the sanitizer was eating the rubber on the buttons and the membrane switches so they figure this is easier to clean. I’ve seen folks wrap them in Legally Distinct Transparent Stretchy Food Wrap so they can just toss and re-wrap without killing the buttons… but then there’s folks like this… "if you can’t touch it, I don’t have to clean it… "

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What are the other positions favorable for a purewrist flex?

I know I’m kicking a dying horse, I’m just trying to get everything in a suitable location



I figured out the problematic Verifone readers with the metal clamp mount. Just orient the implant vertically in line with one of the sides of the screen

Ok well, I activated and upgraded my card, loaded a few more bucks on it to make sure it’s a smooth process
Tomorrow I’ll hit a few terminals just to check function and then it’s express mail to Amal

Anyone give any actual consideration to how you mail it? I’m considering sandwiching it between 2 ntag cards

But it’s probably pretty moot since if we could clone payment cards we wouldn’t be dealing with this

I put mine in a regular envelope. I think I wrapped it in 1 piece of paper.

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Aluminium foil.

How goes the process?

I just ordered my purewrist, I’ll do the same testing as you and then send it off to dangerousthings. I’m just south of Seattle, so it looks like I’ll be going to the studio in Seattle for the actual implant.

I’m still undecided about the location, but I’m thinking the same location as satur9.

For anyone who’s had a purewrist or other flex implant, can you feel it under the skin while you’re typing or otherwise moving your hand if it’s implanted?

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