Purewrist prepaid payment card in USA

They’ve been great, super responsive— Just seems that it’s out of their hands in their verification vendor’s paws who I’m sure are a big old corporate nightmare sort of company. That’s the dependency chain I hadn’t really thought through…

But I still think I’m going to do it :grin: if I ever get approved!

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Yeah basically all banks and FIs contract with some other companies for KYC and AML requirements.

@Satur9 were you able to find the spot for those clamped verifones? Any other terminals you’ve encountered since?

Yeah, I was able to sort it out. I’ve been able to try ~8 distinct kinds of readers without much issue. The Verifone’s with the metal clamp work in the same spot near the top center if you’re careful with placement and go slow. I realized I was having issues because the clamp kind of deflects the field a bit and it was accidentally reading both my flexDF in my wrist and my PAY in my hand and saying this:

It would be too much to ask for them to actually impliment the collision detection protocol built in to the damned ISO standard, apparently.

I might just get my flexDF removed because it doesn’t get much use and the placement is meh

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Yeah I rant about that profusely… somewhere here. Prob on the software developers are lazy thread…

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Whenever my purewrist gets here I’ll be sending it your way @amal, just a heads up

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It’s a safety feature: when you start getting those errors, it’s a sign you implant too much stuff :slight_smile:


I can see payment terminals having a valid line of thought for being set up this way

What if you have 2 contactless credit cards in your wallet, someone tries to just slap their whole wallet up there, now it could potentially charge either

And when it inevitably charges the wrong card, maybe the business card instead of your personal card etc, then there’s drama about reversing charges, and people are all pissy even though THEY put a valid card in the field

Probably less work on their end, AND they avoid some drama

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that’s why a user interface exists… “tap 1 for visa ending 8123… tap 2 for mastercard ending 8717”… this is well within the means of modern contactless terminals… same as me having to choose credit vs debit on some machines for the one card I do present. Also, when it comes to access cards or transit or anything specific like that, the reader and connected application can easily cycle through to find the card the system is actually looking for before performing any kind of transaction with it.

I can’t see that being an option: you’d have to present your card and keep it there while selecting the right card with your other hand. When I pay at the cash register, usually my other hand has my wallet in it. Not convenient.

no reason for that… tap wallet… present options… select option… tap wallet again. you of all people should know how to write a quality UX :wink:

Too complicated.

My years in the software industry have taught me something: never underestimate how much of a tool the user can be.

We here might understand simple user interfaces and simple procedures like the one you describe. But I can tell you with absolute certainty that that’s too much to handle for a lot of dumbasses, particularly at the checkout line with the kids screaming and bags of groceries, and a lot of customers waiting to pay and get the hell outta here.

Hell, even the simple insert-car-punch-pin that’s been around for decades is still too much to handle for a lot of older folks.

My guess is, whoever designed the contactless payment points went for the lowest common denominator - i.e. one card in the field only. It’s evident, because the very fact that it shows a helpful error message on the screen when you present two cards at the same time proves that the device is programmed to handle collisions. They just don’t want the option to be presented.

@Satur9 Have you taken a pic of the scar lately? How does it feel slightly over the bone? I’m getting closer and closer to wanting one of these. Any downsides you’ve discovered since using it? Have you been asked for ID anywhere to go with it?

Yeah it’s looking fine a month later. The needle install with no stitches went great, I’ll definitely do it again (twice, soon). I did have some nerve twingy stuff for a few days after install but that resolved itself quickly. No issues with the bone overlap, even if I smack it with a piece of metal.

No downsides so far (other than a small monthly fee). Sometimes it does ask for my pin, but not all the time. I’ve never been asked to see ID when I pay with credit card in my life.

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Take the card out of the wallet then :slight_smile:

Honestly, people who bumble through can get trained up by staff just like they are for the normal payment process they fail at first with… because it’s either that or put your groceries back.

So Apex and ???

I tried to not be blunt about it

Most can’t handle a sign and message on the screen saying red for credit

Customer “But it says cancel”

ErieQuiet “fine hit the other red button”

Customer looks around slowly pushes original red button


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Reader: “target circle/ shoppers club? ‘enter mobile number’ or ‘skip’”

Customer: insert card

Reader: ding ding “please remove card”

Customer: removes card and puts it away

Me: “try that again real quick after hitting skip there”

Customer: “but it said to remove…”

Me: 🤦‍♂ explain that it didn’t work and to hit skip first

Customer: insert card again as I’m saying to not do that yet

Repeat one more time :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Then finally do it right

If people can barely do it the normal way, I doubt they can do it your way…

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It’s hard to describe to stupidity of people if you’ve never worked customer service