Purewrist prepaid payment card in USA

That’s also unlikely. I mean, anything could happen. We could all be hit by a giant meteor tomorrow and be put out of our misery. Most people accept that has a low probability of happening, though.

Purewrist had to spend a lot of time, and pay a lot of money, to get their device to pass EMVCo certification. Now that they have that stamp on this product, there can’t be any variability or changes made. It has to be exactly the same as the test product. Otherwise they have to go through the whole process again and spend a good chunk of time and a not insignificant amount of money to re-certify their new device. That’s one legitimate benefit of the EMV mafia, consistency.


Man I’m so back and forth

Several reasons I should wait…

…but I could say screw it and just do it now


Exactly what I just did :slight_smile:
I’m trying to think about what the best location to install is for interacting with payment terminals…

Knife edge seems like it might be the best? or actually on the forearm rather than hand might be least awkward. Unless it could be read through the hand, a thumb-pocket install feels like it’d be awkward to twist your wrist around for.

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How close could this be to a xEM?

Have one in semi knife edge, wonder if I could do the flex in true knife edge

Not that you asked me, but , in my opinion. right next to it
Different frequencies so no issue there.
Different form factors no risk of glass on glass

I mean I think you might know a thing or 2 also lol

I thought I read that regardless or frequency you needed 5mm spacing otherwise it would deform the field

Maybe this isn’t true

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Fuck it…

Today sucked, got some news that I don’t know how to process emotionally, and not sure I ever will

So… time for some bad decisions…to cheer myself up
It’s not that expensive
3 years sucks, but maybe something better will be out by then…bleeding edge means having to settle sometimes I guess, plus you never know what 3 years will hold
I don’t think I care about the fees because I’ll likely spend 250 a month, and wont get charged anyways

I’m gunna order a pure wrist

You sure you don’t want to wait until Amal and I test it out some more?

I’m sorry to hear that, man. I hope you’re doing okay

I doubt I’ll be able to get it shipped, converted, and installed before you and Amal play with it

Yeah, you’re probably right. Amal is shipping it back to me now, and I’m going to get it implanted in position L3 asap

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Only question I have, you or someone else
Mentioned 2 versions basic and member

I can only find the “go”

pretty sure the basic vs member thing is just the difference between verifying your identity… it has to do with limits based on AML and KYC requirements.

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Well pulled the trigger on it, I’ll
Have it in the mail to you as soon as I get it,

Half considered just having it shipped to you

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Sorry to hear that buddy.

My guess is the effect will be negligible, if at all.
I know you have ordered it, if you do get the conversion, there is nothing stopping you from doing your own tests with positioning and proximity BEFORE finalising on the position.
But I don’t see it being an issue.
xEM being LF and Payment terminals are all HF, so there should only be one field, and that will be interacting with your FlexPure, with maybe minor distortion from your xEM.

We have even seen Amal surprised by mag field results, and also predictions blown out of the water

How good would it be if we had glasses that could see magnetic fields? :eyeglasses:

There kind of is something usable:

Only for static mag fields though.

I was going to suggest this, but I’m not sure if it would work for our application

Yeah, I have seen the film, not super handy for this though… unfortunately

Haha, yeah, what @Eriequiet said :arrow_heading_up:

If the field had any actual strength to it, ferofluid could be interesting

But I doubt it has enough power, by a factor or 2

I had one idea once, to map out RFID fields: mount a small tuned tank coil onto a robot arm, get the robot arm to scan the volume above the EM field source slowly, and read the voltage across the coil. Given enough time, if the field doesn’t change, you should get a fairly decent 3D representation - at least for the one orientation the coil was presented at.

Was the rotation of the coil an independent axis on the arm, or fixed?