Purewrist prepaid payment card in USA

I was thinking fixed, so you take a scan in 3DOF (X, Y and Z). But of course you can make it complicated and scan in 6DOF (X, Y, Z, pitch, roll, yaw) and you’d have a perfect scan of the field - and a very slow scan too.

I didn’t make it, to be clear. It was just an idea.

You’ll likely be the first implanted, so I think you get to make it, but may I make a humble suggestion of the “flexGO”

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Nah nah nah.

It’s the flexPW

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I guess it will just stay a PAY but walletmor will start to make monthly batches of these and other local versions.
So I guess “walletmor”.
Sorry for not getting the joke btw.

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I’m under the impression that the “PAY” is any microcard conversion. This is a bit different than that, it’s more like a regular flex implant, so it should probably have a different name to prevent confusion.

This isn’t related to walletmoor at all. Walletmoor is only active in parts of Europe.

They know, if it’s not them it’s someone else.
Someone will slap their name on conversions of these.

Nah, that’s been done before, I think pilgrim has one. Just depends on your microcards chip.

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They already did, it’s Dangerous Things! :grinning:

Also btw, I think the rectangle version will likely have a much better range.
So maybe not every converted purewrist will be in the wedge format.

Fair. We’ll see what Amal thinks. I would be fine with keeping every different type of payment conversion under the umbrella “PAY”. Let’s keep referring to it as that for now.

If people really like this and it performs well, Amal may preemptively buy batches of this chip and convert them, and sell it as a regular product on the store, in which case it would be different from the normal payment conversion service. The fact that it’s an NXP chip that he already has antennas for makes that a possibility. The US is a pretty big market.

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Ok so far here’s the deal… I converted one of these cards to a wedge and got decent range with it, but when I tested at the local mcdonalds and grocery store, it didn’t work. I do think this could be because the actual chip was not recognized by the terminals (both were the same VeriFone style terminal).


Therefore I have ordered my own purewrist and I will test the unaltered card with those same terminals to determine if it’s a range issue or a chip issue. My hunch is on the latter. The USA is absolute garbage when it comes to contactless support. I tried my CitiBank tap credit card at a bunch of places a couple years ago and Starbucks was the only fucking place that recognized it, even though everywhere I tested had Apple Pay signs up at every terminal.


I’ve encountered many of those terminals some have nfc enabled, some don’t


McDonald’s should have it enabled because I use nfc there often

There’s a chance the kid didn’t know how to turn it on

Maybe… I asked to pay by tap at McDonald’s and they poked some buttons and passed the terminal out the window … I’d imagine it was on, but who knows.

If only there was a handy dandy tool you could have tested it with…

If you want one Amal, I’m pretty sure I can hook you up, let’s just say… I know a guy :wink:


you dont need to go through pilgrim you can just go to their website lol http://dangerousthings.com/


Oh, you know my guy also…small world :earth_americas:

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haha dude… I checked my wallet after it didn’t work the first time and apparently not having one in there was just Murphy’s Law.


Yeah, he can be a real dick sometimes.

Maybe you should get some of @kayTH rfid earrings


I’m definitely going to be testing this around at my favorite merchants before committing to the conversion/install. Given that I can’t clone my regular credit card to it (and thusly won’t get those sweet sweet points), and can’t really use it at any kind of bar/restaurant (if those even exist anymore) I plan to use this:

A. During runs, so I can grab a smoothie at the end without needing my wallet
B. When I forget my wallet when walking downtown
C. Just for convenience at local corner stores/ walgreens and stuff

I figure there’s like 10-15 places max I’ll realistically ever use it over my actual credit card, so I’m just gonna test it at all of them and never have any surprises :grin: