Pwnage Mechanical Optical Keyboard

Sale Post:

I have a new never used Fullsize 108k Pwnage Mechanical Keyboard.

Color: Black

Keycaps: Black with shinethrough


Switches: Gateron Optical Blue (Clickies)

Accessories: Cable, Switch Puller/Key Cap Puller


Mint doubleshot PBT Keycaps with Shinethrough

Blue Top Cover plate

Price 70$ Shipped CONUS

Pwnage Ultra Custom Ergo Wireless Mouse

Includes Black and White Plates and skeleton Plate

60$ Shipped Conus

Will bundle all together and sell for 110 shipped CONUS

This isn’t a market site. If I you would sell not used implants I would say okay, but…
@Pilgrimsmaster or @amal what’s the rule for ads?

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It’s in the buy sell area and it’s tech related but I can remove if it’s against the buy sell category rules

thats what this sub-section of the forum is for, for buying and selling used & second hand devices/products

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Thanks for keeping an eye out @wolfy

Heres the boss mans stance

what ^^ he ^^ said :slight_smile:


I saw this and thought of you

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I hate you.

I say this while typing on a 800$ keeb that doesn’t rick roll me


Well, the title says Keyboard AND Pwnage, so…

It was actually unintended, but I thought you might like a little “keeb” porn

Four finger typing!? Why? Learn to type with 9 fingers!

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