Question about NExT placement

Hello everyone, So im thinking about getting the NExT and I am thinking about putting it between the thumb and the wrist. If anyone could give me any tips about it and the pros and cons about the area would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time and reply.

Edit: when i say between the thumb and wrist i mean around here!

To start you off

Have a look in the WHERE CAN I PUT IT section in the WIKI - BEGINNERS GUIDE to implants & becoming a cyborg 🤖
@Vicarious has one in the position you mention

and this mention


It’s not recommended to have it implanted in any gripping surface… but if you do choose that spot, let us know how it heals and feels.

Ive heard that some people have done it and im trying to get there input about it

can you take a photo :camera: and show us where you are thinking :thinking: about?

I edited it and added one

I just edited your edit so now we don’t have to download it

Thank you i didnt know how to do that

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You can do whatever you want, but I think it’s going to suck. The implant will pinch the skin when you press it against a surface. It hurts bad enough when I occasionally bump it into things while it’s on the back of my hand, I can’t imagine regularly gripping things with that surface.

There’s also the recommendation from DT that PilgrimsMaster mentioned. If you implant on a gripping surface you increase the likelihood of breakage.

What is the benefit of implanting in that location?

There probably aint any

Oh, alright. Got any cool ideas for what you’re going to do with your NExT when you get it?

Actually this will be my first one. Im just looking for other places in the hand that it could go

Do you not want to use the usual spot?

Depends on if you want to put something else there in the future.

I was/ am thinking about putting one in the normal spot. Im just looking at spots that ain’t normal



I mean like in the hand