Question about what implant to get

hey, I’m completely new to this and there’s a lot of information to go through so I’m looking for a bit of advise on what implant to get.

I’m mainly looking to add my transit card and my student ID to open the doors at my school

I scanned my transit card with NFC taginfo and it says its MIFARE DESFire EV1 so I need the FlexDF?
would it be easy if at all possible to add it? the full scan has a bunch of information so that seems good.

my student ID won’t even scan which is really the card I most want on an implant since its the one I use the most and I often forget to bring my ID when I leave the room to go to the bathroom or to get a drink. does that mean I won’t be able to add it to an implant?


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DESFire can’t be cloned. You’ll not be able to clone your transit card.

Your student ID is a 125khz LF tag. Likely a HID/AWID/EM. xEM implant should clone it nicely. Best to verify first though by using a LF scanner/diagnostic tool.

After verifying your student card is in fact LF, then the xEM implant. If you’re going through with an implant and want an xEM, may as well go for the NeXT.

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kinda disappointing about the transit card but that’s pretty much what I expected

my student ID is actually HID it says it on the card but I forgot to mention that. I’m happy about that because the NExT is the implant I was originally looking at. now I just have to find a piercing shop to implant it for me.

one last question would I need a proxmark3 for that or would a simpler and cheaper tool work just as well?


If it’s a HID, then it’s proxcard. Super easy to clone, and as I guessed, it’s 125khz LF. There’s far too many horror stories out there about the cheap blue cloners, so I picked up a Proxmark rdv2 and played with it for a week before I got my NeXT installed. Someone else would be more qualified to give you advice on good tools that are more affordable.

I know what you mean about the transit card. Chicago’s Ventra is DESFire, and it’s depressing from a clone standpoint.

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yeah I wasn’t gonna get a blue cloner but a proxmark3 is close to $500 CAD when you take into account the currency conversion and shipping. would a proxmark3 clone be good or is that like the blue cloners and playing russian roulette

my goal is to carry nothing but my phone on me which is why I’m interested in implants (and its really cool) so yeah it sucks but not much we can do I guess

The overwhelming amount of advice you’ll get is to buy the real thing. However, understanding that not everyone has that kind of cash lying around, I think a knockoff should be much safer than a blue cloner. You’ll probably have worse reception due to poor antenna tuning. But when it comes down to brass tacks, it will read and write just fine for the most part.

I checked, and there’s some Proxmark3 Easy knockoffs for around $130CAD or less. They come with a variety of cards and fobs which are great for practicing before writing to your implant.

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those are the ones I was looking at, I’ll do a bit more research and see, I just don’t wanna kill the chip when it’s inside lol

thanks for the help

This isn’t entirely true. It’s LIKELY its a Proxcard, but HID also sell cards for all sorts of systems. ICLASS is the big one that comes to mind, but they also have plenty of systems using Mifare Classic cards.

It not reading on the phone indicates that it’s LIKELY 125kHz, but it could just be an unsupported HF card (i.e. using a different ISO standard)

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Sounds like you are heading down the right track after your advice that has been given,
I would add this link that will save you some more $$$ ( a trusted seller )

True, but it might be convertible to an implant…

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My card says HID iClass DL if that helps

I’m glad you sent that link cause I was wondering if AliExpress proxmark3 are really rdv4 and can be trusted, thanks

FYI its not an ProxMark3 RDV4, it is a “ProxMark3 Easy” , but it will definitely do what you want, almost as good for ~ 15% of the price

Oh ok, as long as I don’t brick my implant I’m fine

I can’t promise that, but if you do, it won’t be the fault of the ProxMark :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Haha if it’s my fault that’s one thing but I would be pissed if it was because of cheap equipment that failed on me

It both helps and hurts! The DL uses 13.56 iClass and 125kHz Prox II

Only the Prox cred can be cloned to your NeXT, there aren’t implants for the iClass. You might find it only works on some readers.

so what you’re saying is that the only way to know if it even works is to get a proxmark3 and see if I can clone it to a blank card? would I have to physically check to see if it worked on my school doors? because I still have over a month before I’ll be back

Basically we can confirm you can half clone the card using a Proxmark. The other half you can’t.

Unfortunately unless you have more details on the reader, the only way to know what ‘half’ of your card is uses is to try it. There’s a good chance that some readers use one half and others use the other half, they are usually used for ‘migration’ where you give the users a card that works on both while you slowly change the readers from one to the other.

I.e. it might use LF for doors and HF for the photocopier

guess I’ll have to hold off on this until I can check the readers at school