Questions about installation for a x series implant for a teen

So it says 16 unless parents are present, which they would be.

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Scroll down to the list of materials they can use for piercings… Gold, silver,… No glass.

Then do that, and let us know how it goes!

I agree that it’s incredibly cool. I went in for access control that ultimately did not pan out. I also wear glasses and have no plans to have LASIK in the future, even though it would be more convenient in the long run. That said, I also had an NFC ring before I got an implant (though it was not made by DT and was fairly horrible quality. Never buy rings on Aliexpress.), and had RFID cards to play around with before that. All told, I think idea to execution took two, maybe three years. Try non-implant cards. See what works and what doesn’t before jumping in with sticking implants in you.

Oh okay. So like if I had my parents permission and I wanted to get one right now, how would I find someone? Is there even a way?

Again, take a look at these. DT also has info about trusted installers.

Normally we would recommend following a particular set of instructions that I can’t find right now, I’m sure the resident AI chat bot @Pilgrimsmaster will link it momentarily lol

He beat me to it… of course he did :rofl:

The gist is not to call, but to take in a set of information to various piercing shops or drs if applicable because of human and social nature, it’s very easy for them to shoot you down over the phone… but when you are in person you literally have you foot in the door to discus and educate them on it

The catch is, being a minor, being in person and it being obvious you’re a minor could negate the foot in the door effect

I found my installer using the above methods, and a little digits sleuthing… he wasn’t on the install map


I won’t say it is impossible but you are more likely to find a doctor who is able to do it. Legally a body piercer is going to be on shaky ground given that the “jewelry” is not on their approved list.

I mean like how do I find a doctor to do it

Family doc
Friends dad

There are 2 for starters

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  1. Probably going to say no
  2. Friend said his dad is probably going to say no

And an important third option

Even if friends dad isnt willing to do it himself, he’s clearly ok with the concept see if he can help you find someone who’s on board


Also never say never, nothing ventured nothing gained, won’t know if you don’t try


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So should I go downstairs and ask my parents like right now, or tomorrow, or should I wait until I have a lead on an installer and a start to finish plan?

I’d say get your ducks in a row, less uncertainty could be less for them to worry about

Having a plan ready to go, can help demonstrate that you’ve done research and someone else (possible trustworthy) is onboard with it

Told him I’d post anything he pms me

First, you really need to do your research?
You NEED to read AND understand what you are reading.


Regarding the Installer, I would go to your Friends dad first.

“Excuse me Doctor Dad, If I had my parents permission to also get an implant like your son, would you consider doing this for me? I have done all the research and I am aware of the risks…etc”

Also, please feel free to direct your Parents to the forum and ask us any questions they might have after you have spoken to them.

Yes we are Randos on the interwebs, but we are all willing to help with advice

“Classic Rando”


I found it, and it was as I thought, It has been deleted.
So I will respect that and leave it deleted…its a pity, because it was a great video

oh well

You don’t know until you try. I would read all of the information about approaching a piercer before going to a doctor. Print it out, take it with you. Refer to it while talking with them about it. Worst case they say no. Don’t rely on your friend talking to their dad, approach them yourself, and say something along the lines of "I have researched this, I know what I am getting into, and as you have experience, I was wondering, if my parents give their permission and one of them is present, would you… If the answer is no, ask if he could suggest someone you could approach who might be willing.

If you think your parents will say yes then it might be worth asking them in advance, you know your parents better than we do.

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