Questions about xG3 v2

So I have a few questions I can’t really find a straight answer on about finger magnets
Do they mess with electronics?
how long do they last until they need to be taken out or lose their magnetism?
Do they come with instructions?
I’m gonna get one at some point and i just wanna do my homework ^^

xG3 isn’t really a finger magnet, it’s more for a lifting magnet not sensing, normally on like the side of the hand or something. If you want a thing over the Titan it’s probably a better fit

You don’t ever have to replace it, the magnet will stay a magnet for longer than you are alive.

They don’t mess with phones or anything, but not recommended in an MRI.

What kind of instructions are you looking for? Like an install guide?


This is a good starting point, but the info on good coatings is a bit out of date.

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oof, looks like I’ll be doing it in the side of my hand then, I’d rather inject it so the titan is out of the question
thats good to know, I couldn’t find anything about it on the site so i just needed to make sure
and yeah, the only one I could find is that ^ video and nothing about injecting

The injection is the exact same as any of the other x series implants. You could look up an xnt install or something.

ah, well thank you ^^

Our very own @Azflyer wrote a book on the subject