QuickLock Door Lock, Padlock and xSLX review

A few days back I ordered the QuickLock Doorlock and Padlock.
They are the same company that makes the GunBox2.0 (seems to be always sold out).
So this is an initial evaluation of the Doorlock and the Padlock.
The Doorlock:
I was able to enroll the xSLX (in R0) pretty easily, and put it to use in my lab/home office immediately. (My implants are not quite 2 weeks old)
I like the capability to change between auto-lock behind you when door closes or lock with RFiD. I selected auto-lock since I cannot leave my key in the room :rofl:
Here is some proof :wink:

The Padlock:
I have attempted to enroll the Padlock, and am not as successful as I was with the DoorLock thus far.
As promised to @CanuckCold I am checking in with results.
So far It might just be a problem with me getting into enroll mode…
I will continue to play, and follow up with results as they develop.



Yeah right… A lab / home office with hotwheels hanging on the wall? Come on, admit it: it’s your playroom / mancave :slight_smile:


That is a fair evaluation. It is all of the above! The home office happened due to the State adopting a “Stay-at-home/safer-at-home” approach that forced my Organization to quickly evolve a Remote Work Policy… The lab/playroom are kinda one in the same
I have the solder station, and a LOT electronic devices in there…
I am a Father to 5 boys… If they prove to be anything like I was at any of their ages it is best that these things are at least secure when I am not there to guide intelligent decisions in their proper use.
also who doesn’t like MIP hotwheels - some on that wall are at least 22yrs old.


Update: I emailed support about the padlock yesterday after having had more time to try things.

The process referenced in the video and the FAQs for pairing an additional RFID to the padlock does not work, or is not the same for my padlock.

If you watch their “Pair a new card” video: https://youtu.be/6BipLrvaVPo

The padlock does not appear to go into pair mode when following the video instructions:
1: Push button
2: Use existing enrolled card to unlock.
3: Push button again - light should start blinking --This does not happen on my padlock.
4: Swipe new card.- rapid blinking telling you it is paired

I was able to pair the Padlock’s Card with the Doorlock without issue to prove indeed the cards would be cross compatible.

I will follow up again as soon as I have more information to share.


i will dig up my padlock and show you how i get it to scan… getting the chip to scan is the hard part… basically if you run the chip parallel to the face and swipe it up and down along the face (green is the implant, red is the path), you can usually get a good scan.


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Also… I don’t recall having to push the button… I think on mine I just scanned a good card, it unlocked, but before doing anything I just scanned my implant right after the good card and it was added. Try it?

Thanks @amal I am trying that before I hit reply on this.

I figured getting the implant to scan would be the hard part :wink:.
I did attempt their method of enrollment using a fob that came with the doorlock, I left that part out apparently. I always tell myself “Hey baldy, prove the process works” when I found that my lock does not appear to follow the process provided.

I just tried the method you recommended with the doorlock fob, and was unsuccessful.
Was there some sort of feedback from the lock that it had paired the new id?

No response from support yet, but it did say 48 hours on the website.

hmm I don’t recall actually it’s been so long since I programmed my Spark 1 into it… but yeah, sounds like it’s not performing as described… probably need a replacement or something.

Oh have you tried holding the button instead of just pressing it? Giving it a couple seconds?

Sure have. I think I will make a video of it not doing what they say it should and post the link here :smiley:
As of this writing, support has not responded to the email inquiry.

Your experience almost makes me not even want to try using it.

I completely understand that sentiment. I am OK with a faulty unit (it happens), as long as they will make it right :smiley:

Here is a fast video following their process.

Who is the music in the background?

The background music is The Animal in Me covering “Crawling in the dark” by Hoobastank

Yeah based on this your lock is not working correctly.

Return for replacement from where you bought it?

Also have you set up Bluetooth by chance? Is there some kind of Bluetooth option, or possibly a security option setting via Bluetooth to explore?

Bought direct from their website, so figure support is first steps.

I did setup the bluetooth app, it is rather limited and feels kinda clunky
*this could be the phone I am using Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - should soon be replaced with a One+ 8Pro (if they ever get em back in stock online).

You can unlock and lock it. then in the settings (gear) you can change the name of the lock, the timeout for autolock, the password (to something other than 12345678), view the logs. that would be it.

Move quickly friend. Your window for engaging your credit card company with a dispute is only 30 days (typically). Demand the lock be replaced. Call the number on your statement for the transaction (they should supply one), and ultimately issue a dispute if you hear nothing.

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# Quicklock product changes and additions


QuickLock appears to have been bought out by Lynkd.



This is NOT a review, hence not in the Review category

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

None of the new devices have been tested with implants HOWEVER It again appears the Tech remains to continue operating on RFID Frequency ISO15693 at 13.56Mhz

So if you are in the market for any of the below, you will require an xSLX or Original Vivokey Spark

There are also a couple of new products to the line-up, and a backend infrastructure system compatible with the newer products







An extension of your senses.
Nexus is coming soon! Check back for updates!

Fucks knows what it is or what it does, but this is what it looks like

oughta know

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First off, hopefully I created this post correctly (this is my first comment) :grin:

I ordered an xSLX and one of the “new” QuickLocks from LynkD. Once I receive both, I’ll gladly do some testing and share the results.

My one concern was I didn’t know if LynkD would force you to buy their portal management software to use the QuickLock. Over the couple days of doing research, the old versions I found sold out. So onto the new one! Based on the manual I found on their website, it seems to utilize the old programming cards that you all mentioned above. I will share this also, once I can do some testing.

Update: Got some goodies over the past 24hrs!

I plan on installing my xSLX in 3 weeks, so I will do an official review once that starts healing/working.

1 thing so far… it only came with 1 RFID FOB, despite the Quick Start Guide saying in two different places that it should come with two. No big deal, cause hopefully it won’t matter in long run :smiling_imp:.

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For my lock I found putting the Spark 1 in this orientation and running it up and down that direction gets a read every time.


Does this work with NeXT?

No only iso15693 chips unfortunately