Random thought for battery-less storage

Random thought while reading another post.

The wireless chargers for phones can support 1-2 amps, which is really alot of power in the right circumstances. Could a solid state memory device be both powered and communicated with over such a field?

I’m envisioning a moderately sized implant that when placed in contact with a power source (like a QI Charger) would receive sufficient power to operate both the memory module and a small Tx / Rx module.

Basically I’m just trying to eliminate batteries from a data storage implant.

Surely someone has tried this before, but I’m not well versed enough to know if they did.

The Qi charging standard actually does have some control communication over the magnetic field built in. It’s how receivers are supposed to ask for more power, though China is just pumping out non-compliant Qi power supplies on the market that will just dump full power at anything and fry things that can’t handle it (like our RDC)

The PegLeg is a project that powers a full computer with wifi with an external Qi charger.


In theory, yes. Although with Qi, you’ve got enough power to run a small WiFi AP. It’s likely easier, but ideally we’d use NFC to power it.

Damn, now I gotta read up on PegLeg.

Not tonight though.

peg leg has some great videos (I’m not the biggest fan of the wired interview but it really isn’t for the biohacking inclined, but it’s a good start) Lepht Anonym was the first to get it done (although it is giant, and they figured out how to half the form factor like 2 weeks later)

Sadly due to a Cab Door incident it had to be removed, But there is about an hour long video of a Pittsburgh Cyber talk she did in 2019 where they talk about it and answer questions and show it off in a more raw and less polished way than wired tried to.